How to Choose the Best Futures Screener – A Detailed 2022 Review


Futures are derivative financial instruments that acquire their value as a result of changes in the prices of underlying financial instruments. In fact, these are obligations to purchase or sell a product (financial instrument) in a certain quantity and at a certain time (a certain period of time) at pre-agreed prices. The exchanges on which futures are bought and sold form the terms of trade agreements (contracts).
Futures contracts are urgent (have a limited duration) and stop trading when it expires.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewHow a futures contract works – a practical example of the calculation [/ caption] Trading in futures contracts began about 150 years ago in the field of agricultural production. Production cycles (tillage, planting, harvesting) caused price fluctuations in the market, and to balance these factors, preventive buyout methods were applied at fixed prices. Subsequently, this tool found wide application on the stock exchange, and today it has become one of the key parts of the entire financial system.

Screener is a concept derived from the English word screen (sieve, sieve), which is widely used in many fields, such as sociology, advertising, etc. This concept is also used in exchange trading, including futures trading.

Best Futures Screeners

At its core, a screener is a service with a set of filters (volume, percentage of changes, graphical display, current changes, etc.), which allows you to select from the whole variety of futures, exactly those that are necessary for a trader at a given time. Such services are simply necessary for everyone who works on exchanges, both domestic and in Europe, Asia, America, where up to several thousand positions in securities, cryptocurrencies, etc. can be accessed. In practice, the use of screeners allows you to quickly and efficiently get all the information a trader needs, which is the key to his successful work on the exchange. There are a lot of such screeners and they can be used when purchasing almost any futures contract, from oil and gas to
cryptocurrency.… Such platforms that work in both the European and American stock markets include the popular screeners discussed below.


A very popular free service that does not require registration, which provides analytical materials for both securities and futures, indices, currencies.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThe presence of a number of filter categories, such as Descriptive (publicly available information about a security), Fundamental (filters based on fundamental analysis of stocks), Technical (filters based on technical analysis of stocks), ALL (a window in which all filters are combined).
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 Review


One of the most famous Morningstary screeners. To start working on it, you need to go through a free registration according to the Basic version. The window is selected in the pop-up list as you can see from the screenshot.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThis screener does not have as many filters as Finviz. It contains filters such as:

  • Stock sector
  • Morningstar stock type
  • Morningstar equity style box (capital calculation according to specialized Morningstar formulas);
  • Minimum market capitalization

How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 Review Below is the Morningstar Stock Grades, which are divided into three categories.

  • assessment of the growth of shares (Growth grade);
  • assessment of financial stability (Financial health grade);
  • assessment of profitability (Profitability grade).

Evaluation is carried out on a scale from A – F.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewNext comes the system of filters (Company Performance), which selects positions according to the following parameters:

  • revenue growth over the last 3 years (3-year revenue growth);
  • own profitability (Return on equity (ROE);
  • income growth forecast for the next 5 years (5-year forecasted earnings growth).

Further, there are several more filters: total income for various periods, P / E ratios, dividends. As a result of using the filters, the following table is obtained (filters for dividends 6%).
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 Review

The screener can give no more than 200 results as a result of the analysis. stock monitoring

This is a very convenient screener for traders who do not know enough stock exchange terminology in English. The system interface looks like this.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewIn the main menu, there are several filter categories:

  • Overview – contains a number of data on assets (stock value, currency type, percentage change, capitalization, etc.);
  • Trade – a category containing extended information about stock prices (Bid, Ask, Size, Day Low, High and others);
  • History – also a category of price indicators for more significant and older periods (% Change 52 Week Low, High, and others);
  • Fundamental – coefficients that can be considered classic (EPS, Price / Book, Cash and others);
  • Those. analysis – performed by moving averages (50 Day MA, 200 Day MA, etc.).

To apply filters on this screener, you need to move the cursor over the line of interest and click the filter icon. After that, the screen displays general information, the company which owns the shares, and graphs:
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThis screener has a fully Russified interface that is easy to use.

Stock Watcher

This screener is available without registration, it reflects more than 7.5 thousand items for which it is possible to screen. It contains a significant number of filters that reflect various categories.

  • Main parameters (price, ATR, gaps, percentage of change, volumes, etc.).
  • Techno. Parameters (extremes for 50 days, Range, etc.).
  • Fundamental parameters (P / E, Shares Float and other ratios).
  • Level 1 (sorting by different indicators Ask, Bid, Size and others).
  • Premarket (price at the time of the upcoming market opening, and other indicators).
  • Signals (price levels, sizes, volume peaks and other signaling systems).
  • Others (sort by ticker, IPO date,).

How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThe lists also reflect the charts of the shares and their volumes. The screener is partially Russified and in order to get started, you just need to select the necessary filters and click on the “Search” function.

Market Watch

This screener has only 6.5 thousand tools, but you can work on it without registration.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewIn total, the following categories are available on it:

  • Price – this section indicates the price, price range, percentage changes, place in relation to the 52-week extreme;
  • Volume – the category in which the current volume is indicated;
  • Fundamentals — P / E ratio and market cap.
  • Technicals – ratios for the 50-day moving average and indices.
  • Exchange & Industry – the exchange and its sectors are selected.

In order to start working in the screening, you need to use the “Screen” button, and then specify the required fields and sorting parameters:
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThe result will display the lists of stocks and sorting types:
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThis screener does not allow you to work with a large number of tools and filters, but it is perfect for quick analysis of stock markets.

Yahoo Finance Screener

Almost all search engines have their own screeners. Which includes Yahoo Finance Screener. It has a fairly extensive filter base and you can work on it without registration, while the number of tools with which you can work is almost unlimited.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThis is how the screen of the screener itself looks like. It has the ability to select capitalization, region, required industry and other necessary parameters, which can be added using the “+ Add another filter” button.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewTo add a filter, you just need an icon next to the required filters. Then, using the “Find Stocks” icon, perform a screening. The result will be the following picture:
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThis system allows you to work with a huge number of instruments around the world. However, despite the significant number of filters, they mostly relate to analytical ratings.

OTC Markets

This is a free screener that allows you to work with a large (over 17,000) number of tools for free. The system itself has the following interface:
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewFilters presented on this service are divided into the following categories:

  • Markets – allows you to select general indicators (region, industry, type of instrument);
  • Growth – data related to cost, percentage change and volume;
  • Performance – indicators of price and volume changes.

Screening is performed in automatic mode; you just need to select the required filter. However, the list of filters on it itself is relatively small. Therefore, it is best used when it is necessary to work on several exchanges at once, and at the same time there is no need for a large number of filters.

Examples of analysis using screeners

For the analysis, we will use Finviz and run it using different filters. The analysis will be carried out by the Descriptive filter on the NYSE, the price per share is 5 USD, the volume is over 1 million.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewAccording to these conditions, out of more than 7.5 thousand shares, filters have selected 60 that correspond to the conditions set. It is clear that in this case it is much easier to choose interesting positions. Next, we filter through fundamental filters. Price / Free Cash Flow over 20, Return on Investment (ROI) over 25%, EPS growth past 5 years over 25%.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewThe result is 37 items that meet the filtering conditions. Technical analysis indicators are chosen as another example. Select a stock that has created an ascending triangle, and the price is 10% above the 20-day moving average.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewOf all the securities, only 2 met the specified parameter. To make sure that the pattern has been identified correctly, let’s go to the window that displays the stock charts. The point on the chart is where the price intersects with the SMA 20, which confirms that the stock is above the 20-day moving average indicator.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewBinance Densities and Levels Screener for Scalping and Medium Term:

Investment futures

Understandably, futures were originally created to mitigate producer risk. But today, private investors buy futures if it is necessary to pre-fix prices for oil, gas, precious metals, agricultural products and much more. With their help, investors make money on assets that are not directly acquired, for example, oil.

What futures can be purchased on the market

In our country today, the most popular are futures contracts associated with oil, gas, gold and other precious metals, currency. In recent years, cryptocurrency futures contracts have become more and more popular. More recently, it was assumed that the final buyer, on time stipulated by the contract, will receive a real asset, which will be delivered using the exchange. Now, on the day of the end of the contract, the parties simply settle on the derivative. At the same time, futures can be freely traded on the exchange for the entire duration of the contract. The prices of such assets directly depend on the prices of the underlying instruments, so traders have the opportunity to make money on the very process of buying / selling them, but such operations require certain experience and knowledge. Therefore, investors who are just starting to work on exchanges,it is best to use this tool to insure your financial risks.

Conclusion of futures contracts and work on them

Futures contracts are concluded exclusively on the exchange. The seller submits his application, which indicates a specific price and term. Then he waits for the buyer, who will be satisfied with the set conditions. But there is another way, when the seller simply selects from the list of orders submitted by buyers. The exchange always publishes lists of offers from both sellers and buyers. Using the futures screener platforms, you can always choose the most optimal positions. As soon as the contract is concluded, all obligations for its proper execution are assumed by the exchange.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewStructure of a futures contract [/ caption] By assuming obligations, the exchange assumes certain risks. Therefore, in order to protect itself, before entering into a futures contract, the exchange receives collateral from both sides. Their sizes are calculated by the exchange on the basis of a complex algorithm, the main component of which is the indicator of fluctuations in the prices of assets specified in the contract for the previous year. For example, if the average daily fluctuation in the price of an asset is 7%, then the exchange collateral will be about 15% of the futures price. If the parties to the contract fulfill their obligations in full, then the pledge is returned to them. The change in the price of a futures occurs on the exchange constantly, the rules for calculating the price change on each exchange are different, however, they are always based on the prices offered by its participants in the market. Clear,that if the value of an asset rises, then the price of a futures, naturally, will also rise and vice versa. In this case, the futures price can be either higher or lower than the market price of the asset. But this difference is usually small, usually the price of the futures corresponds to the price of the asset.

Features of trading cryptocurrency futures

Buying / selling crypto futures became possible relatively recently, in 2017. And from that moment on, they began to confidently conquer world exchanges, as they opened up additional ample opportunities for traders for investment. Today, more than 5,000 cryptocurrencies are available on exchanges and their number is constantly increasing, which suggests that crypto trading will not decrease in popularity for a very long time.

What are cryptocurrency futures contracts

Thanks to such contracts, exchange participants gained wide access to cryptocurrencies. In terms of its functions, this tool resembles fund indices or product futures, in which a trader assumes all the risks associated with the price of a cryptocurrency. Here, the trader uses cash, but does not literally trade cryptocurrency. The high level of volatility of cryptocurrencies makes it possible to purchase it at low prices and put them up for trading with significant increases. How to Trade Cryptocurrency Futures: Kraken Futures Tips: Buy / Sell Crypto Futures is available on a variety of internet platforms (electronic exchanges) which include: Binance Futures, Coinbase, Huobi Global, Kraken, Bitfinex and many other.On these platforms, very convenient screeners are available, filters on which make it easy to isolate the crypt that the client needs.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 Review Binance Futures screener [/ caption]

Cryptocurrency futures device

Cryptocurrency trading involves a set of challenges that are not inherent in other futures. These include, first of all, a negative image in many countries, and a high degree of volatility. But these are not always disadvantages, as a high degree of volatility is often used by investors to make money. One of the important features of cryptocurrency trading is that the risk is associated exclusively with the value of the currency, since its acquisition does not make the trader the actual owner of the asset. Another very important element in the trading process is ”
leverage“. It is this that enables a trader to buy cryptocurrency not at the cost set in the spot market, but by paying only a part of it. This is possible only when dealing with futures.
How to Choose the Best Futures Screener - A Detailed 2022 ReviewLeverage is dangerous with consequences for a trader in case of unsuccessful trading [/ caption]


In order to acquire a position on the exchange, you need to make a margin, while the opening of each new trading position will require additional financial support. Maintenance margin – the minimum amount of funds that a trader needs to maintain an open trading position. The exchange oversees the maintenance margin level, this makes it possible to keep track of the collateral that is used. If the investor reaches the limit, then the positions are subject to liquidation.

Crypto futures settlements

Settlements for such transactions are not similar to traditional systems. Exchanges have developed a mechanism that aims to continually align futures and index prices. This mechanism is the funding rate. The rate is calculated based on the difference in prices in the spot and futures markets. When the stock exchange operates, it should be borne in mind that financing rates can have a negative impact on investors’ income, because financing rates can skyrocket due to market overheating. As a result, investors will not be able to maintain long positions.

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