The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to choose

Торговые роботы

Increasingly, traders use trading robots in the process of trading stocks and bonds on the exchange
. Automatic trading systems are capable of making more than 1000 transactions per minute, which is undoubtedly a significant advantage. The use of advisors allows you to significantly save time and excludes the possibility of making a rash deal. Below you can familiarize yourself with the principle of trading robots and an overview of the best advisors.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to choose

What is a trading robot, what is the working principle of an advisor

A trading robot is an automated program that is able to independently make transactions on the exchange. The main task of the trader will be to set certain parameters, for example, opening / closing positions, fixing income, etc. Developers create fully or partially automated Expert Advisors. Choosing the first option, the trader does not need to perform additional actions in the course of work. The semi-automatic advisor will send a notification about each trade so that the trader can make a decision to buy or sell stocks / bonds.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to chooseTypes of bots by functionality [/ caption]

How algorithmic trading bot works

Modern robots are able to independently assess the situation in the market due to the presence of technical indicators, which are based on a specific strategy. Before installing the robot, the trader must set the size of the position to open. The program automatically opens deals for the purchase / sale of shares or bonds at the moment when all the conditions are met. At the same time, the graphs of the asset price movement, financial performance of companies and even political events should be taken into account – that is, everything that is included in their algorithm. It is important to take into account the size of the trading deposit and the leverage used.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to chooseHow traders and robots work in conjunction [/ caption]

Note! A trading robot closes deals on its own if all conditions within the used strategy are met.

Modern algorithms

Developers use modern algorithms in the process of creating trading bots. Thanks to their efforts, users can use the following types of robots in their activities:

  1. On neural networks equipped with artificial intelligence . Robots of this type have not yet been perfected, so bots are endowed with not only advantages, but also disadvantages. In the course of its work, the robot will combine technical and fundamental analysis, however, if a trader enters incorrect information into the system, the calculations will turn out to be erroneous, which will entail losses.
  2. Universal bots that the investor can customize by setting and controlling especially important parameters. However, it is worth remembering that the market is changing rapidly, so traders do not always have time to reconfigure the program, which leads to negative consequences.
  3. Author’s robots created by programmers in collaboration with professional traders. Depending on the underlying algorithms, the level of aggressiveness / risk-reward ratio will differ.

In the process of creating a program, the developers set a specific algorithm (set of instructions) for placing a deal, which is based on time / price / quantity or some kind of mathematical model. The
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to choosestate of the market for trading robots for trading [/ caption]

Note! The algorithmic trading system automatically monitors prices and charts in real time. Transactions are made at the most favorable prices. Transaction costs are reduced.

Algorithmic trading (trading with robots), how it works, principles, market prospects for advisors:

Modern trading robots are the best advisors at the end of 2021 – beginning of 2022

Below you can find a description of modern trading robots that can be used to trade stocks and bonds on the stock exchange.


DaxRobot is a popular trading bot that generates signals based on a variety of algorithms and pattern recognition systems. Thanks to this, the program identifies the correct signals and uses them to make a profit. The minimum deposit is $ 250. The strengths of DaxRobot, traders include:

  1. Simple and user-friendly interface that makes it easy to master the trade. Even beginners will find it easy to figure out what’s what.
  2. Timely customer support.
  3. Reliability.

It is frustrating that the demo version only lasts 60 seconds, after which the trader needs to make a minimum deposit of $ 250. It should also be borne in mind that DaxBase is the only broker with which the platform can be integrated, which severely limits traders.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to choose


Executor is a modern stock trading robot / bot. The program operates on the basis of the Sterling Trader Pro infrastructure. Access and control is opened through the browser. Users select the direction and set the risk parameters, after which the bot starts trading stocks using universal entry / exit points. The Executor is able to simultaneously close a huge number of transactions, independently controlling the risk and performing all the work on entering / exiting positions.

Note! When choosing a position volume, the Executor supports fractional lots.

The Executor expects the specified pattern for the entry point. Outside the specified price range, the bot will not trade. The program is controlled through a browser. Resistance to technical failures is good. Simultaneous control from several devices is possible.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to choose

Interactive Advisors

Interactive Advisors is a popular stock and bond trading robot. Users can switch to a universal account at any time that suits them, allowing them to trade stocks, bonds, options and ETFs. Commission rates are low. According to traders’ reviews, the advantages of the Interactive Advisors bot include:

  • a wide range of portfolios;
  • the ability to consolidate and track personal financial accounts;
  • the possibility of obtaining a loan for their own unmanaged accounts (at relatively low interest rates).

Most of Interactive Advisors’ portfolios include baskets of stocks, not ETFs. Until the moment the transaction is completed, it will be impossible to find out the full amount of commissions.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to chooseFor your information! Any type of account can be opened with Interactive Advisors, including individual and joint accounts. The bot maintains taxable and retirement accounts, however there are no SEP accounts.


Betterment is a robust trading bot with a process optimized for mobile devices. In the course of setting up accounts, users will need to fill in personal information, specifying their own age, annual income and goal. There are no standard risk questions. Instead, Betterment directs the asset allocation proposal and the associated risk, which can be adjusted as needed by adjusting the percentage of equity versus fixed income in the portfolio. Betterment offers five types of portfolios, allowing users to change strategies after the portfolio is funded. The platform informs users about the occurrence of any tax consequences.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to chooseStrengths of the Betterment trading robot:

  • quick and easy account setup;
  • the ability to synchronize external accounts with individual goals;
  • simple process of changing portfolio risks / switching to another type of portfolio;
  • adding a new goal at any convenient time and an easy process of tracking your progress.

Traders who use Betterment in their activities pay attention not only to the advantages, but also to the disadvantages of the bot. The disadvantages of a trading robot include:

  • systematic reminder that it is time to replenish the account;
  • the opportunity to consult with a financial planner costs $ 199-299.

For your information! Portfolio owners most often invest in exchange-traded funds (ETFs).

VTB: robot advisor

VTB is a popular robot that offers its clients the most appropriate strategies in a particular case. Once the advisor knows the investment profile and financial goal of the user, it starts offering 4-6 options that are ideal for the trader. The bot-advisor is engaged in sending out recommendations on the features of portfolio management: which stocks to buy and which to sell, when and for what period you need to replenish your account in order to achieve your financial goal on time. However, each user has the opportunity to independently make a decision – to follow the advice or do it his own way. The robot advisor will not perform any actions with the account until the trader confirms his actions.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to chooseEach investor has the opportunity to collect a personal portfolio based on one of 25 strategies. The proportions of assets differ depending on the type of strategy. For example, one strategy will include 85% of shares of foreign companies, foreign equity funds, and only 15% of VTB funds from dollar bonds and gold. Other strategies will have different assets and shares. The main task of the advisor in this case will be to select specific stocks that will correspond to the financial goals of the trader and the investment profile. After that, the robot will store them in the correct proportions in the portfolio. The strengths of the VTB robot include:

  • reliability;
  • operational work of the technical support service: online chat is available 24/7 on the mobile phone and on the website;
  • quick and easy process of connecting an advisor.

Judging by the feedback from traders, the robot advisor is also not without its drawbacks. Significant disadvantages of the bot are:

  • lack of access to US futures;
  • systematic failures in trading programs;
  • increased risks.

It is also a little frustrating that there is no single account for all markets, and there is no demo account at all.

Note! When choosing a robo-consultant and going to his website / launching his mobile application, the trader will be asked questions about the current financial situation and future goals that he sets for himself. There will be several questions that allow the algorithm to determine which investment risk the trader is willing to put up with.

The best trading robots for the end of 2021 – early 2022, how to choose an advisor for trading:

How to choose a trading robot depending on the tasks

When choosing a trading robot, it is important to pay attention not only to the reviews of other traders, but also to other equally important factors, which should be attributed to:

  1. Acceptable level of risk / potential return . In cases where deep drawdowns are unacceptable, you should choose bots based on conservative strategies with minimal risk. However, it must be understood that the potential profitability in this case will be low.
  2. Bot type . The trader needs to consider their own trading style and personal preferences. For example, a scalping bot will not be the best option for using currency pairs that show a steady trend.
  3. The ability to test the bot . It is extremely important for a trader to debug the parameters and make final settings in the strategy test before the EA is placed on a real account.

After the trading bot is selected, the trader needs to test it. If the advisor is pleased with the results of its work, you can safely proceed to placing the robot on a real account.
The situation in the market of trading robots: the advantages of an advisor, how to chooseScalperLUA [/ caption] A trading robot is a special program that works in tandem with a broker’s interface. By strictly following the set algorithms, the bot will be able to independently buy and sell stocks / bonds on the stock exchange, helping to increase the trader’s income and excluding human feelings and emotions during transactions. However, when choosing such an assistant, it is important to pay attention to the acceptable level of risk and potential profitability, as well as to study in detail the reviews of traders who have already had the opportunity to evaluate from their own experience all the advantages and disadvantages of the program. This is the only way to find a reliable assistant for yourself who will help you in your professional activities.

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