Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamics


In order to understand what
blue chips are, and in particular those that are present on the MICEX, it is necessary to consistently consider everything related to this concept. Blue chips of the Moscow Exchange – this is the name given to the shares of Russian companies that have demonstrated a high level of liquidity and a stable credit rating and are included in the MOEX list.

Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamics
The structure and profitability of the index of blue chips of the Russian Federation [/ caption] They also have stable financial performance. At the beginning of 2022, there were about 30 such companies – blue chips on the Moscow Exchange. An indicator of the state of the stock market, as in previous periods, is the blue chip index of the Moscow Exchange, which can be viewed online at the link below en/index/MOEXBC/technical/ [caption id="attachment_12793" align="aligncenter" width="744"]
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsMoscow Exchange Blue Chip Index online [/ caption] It is generally accepted that any change, both positive and negative, is a clear indicator of the current and projected state of the stock market, which is typical for the country as a whole. The growth or fall in share prices (their value, which is reflected in the charts) of these companies in 90% of cases entails a change in the value of shares and other companies (smaller or included in the category of medium in terms of profitability and profitability for the budget), which are related to broad market and are included in the middle segment in terms of capitalization. [caption id="attachment_3455" align="aligncenter" width="1259"]
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsReal-time quotes on the blue chip market [/ caption] In the modern securities market, shares of well-known companies that have a long history, grow steadily and pay dividends, are in high demand. High liquidity provides such securities with a large daily trading volume. This allows, if necessary, to sell shares quickly and with maximum profit. [caption id="attachment_3460" align="aligncenter" width="795"]
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsWeight of Russian blue chips

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What is the difference between blue chips and other securities

In order to make a profit, you need to know what are the main differences between the shares of large companies from other securities. Before purchasing blue chips on the Moscow Exchange, it is recommended to study their characteristics. There are 3 main points:

  1. Large capitalization – the number of all the company’s shares outstanding, multiplied by their price. This item determines the market value of the company. Using the example of Gazprom, one can see that with 23.5 billion shares in circulation, the price of each is at least 226 rubles, which makes it possible to count on good income indicators in the future (data as of 01/10/2022). Capitalization, respectively, for the company as a whole is about 5 trillion rubles.
  2. Liquidity . Blue chips are also the most visible and significant (interesting and reliable) securities. Due to their stability, they are of great interest to traders and investors. That is why there is a large volume of trades on such securities.
  3. Dividends – holders of blue chip securities can expect stable payments. This is due to the fact that companies have proven themselves in the market, as they have been on the market for a very long time (on average, the value is about 20 years or more).
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamics
A blue chip stock and an illiquid stock
As of the end of 2022, capitalization figures for blue chips start at RUB 500 billion. The upper representatives show a value of several trillion rubles, which indicates a high potential for securities. If we compare the blue chips of the Moscow Exchange with the shares of companies that are included in the second tier, we can see that medium-sized enterprises demonstrate capitalization indicators at an average level, which is equal to an average of 150 billion rubles. The graph shows how the index of the country’s largest enterprises changes:
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamics

Foreign companies: an example of becoming a successful shareholder

Also, for comparison, you need to consider the capitalization indicators for companies that are considered
blue chips in the US.. To qualify as a blue-chip company, capitalization must exceed $10 billion. Small businesses can also become blue chips. To do this, you must comply with the main condition – to be the flagship in its segment of work. Stable dividend performance guarantees the reliability of the company. It is actively developing and generating income, which, in turn, allows you to increase payout rates or not interrupt them for existing or new shareholders. That is why the value of blue chips in most cases is determined taking into account the indicators of the stability of the payment of additional income funds for shareholders.
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsCapitalization of blue chips – companies of the Russian Federation [/ caption] Many of the presented shares of blue chips are dividend aristocrats. This is the name of companies that make payments without disruption, increase them. The duration of such operations is long – from 25 years. In addition, there are criteria that must be considered before choosing shares to purchase, it is recommended to distribute the investment in equal parts among several different leading companies. Blue chips are those companies that have a presence in the index. It’s called the
S&P 500.. For leading organizations, the value of capitalization is set at no less than $3 billion. The assessment also takes into account the average trading volume – at least $5 billion. The data are given for the enterprises of the USA. The list of dividend aristocrats (mainly well-known enterprises) is tracked by specialists. Among enterprises with a similar status, one can observe world-famous names: Coca-Cola, Colgate-Palmolive, or a no less famous brand in the world – Johnson & Johnson.
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsUS stock market blue chips [/ caption] You can find and purchase blue chip shares on the Moscow stock exchange using a special list that lists the names of the largest companies operating on the market. To search, you need to set a filter by company size, for example, from $10 billion. Shares of the Moscow Exchange (MOEX), is it worth buying:

What else to consider when choosing stocks

Additionally, a potential buyer can set a number of criteria, including the date of a certain company’s listing (IPO) or dividend yields for a particular period of time. In the case of Russian companies, the index is presented directly on the MICEX website. It is formed on the basis of liquidity. At the same time, such an indicator as the coefficient of stability of dividend payments is not taken into account. The capitalization of the company is also not taken into account. That is why the list may not include organizations with indicators of more than 500 billion rubles. Value (weight) of companies in the blue chip index (as of the end of 2021):
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamics

What are the pros and cons of owning blue chip stocks?

The Moscow Exchange Blue Chip Index 2022 also consists of leading organizations, among which Sberbank, Rosneft, and Gazprom hold the lead. Before purchasing shares or other securities, it is recommended to consider all the advantages and disadvantages that have. Reliability will be an advantage for the investor. This is due to the fact that the risk of bankruptcy of a company on the list of blue chips is minimal. They have a high credit rating, which allows them to easily refinance emerging debts. The updated list of blue chips of the Moscow Exchange is presented on the official website, which allows investors to track performance and quickly make a decision to buy or sell securities. The example of Gazprom shows that the capitalization at the end of January 2022 is 7 trillion rubles.
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsCapitalization of Gazprom January 2022 [/ caption] The list of blue chip stocks on the Moscow Exchange will help you choose options from different industries and sectors. It is also necessary to take into account the fact that the cost indicators may change under the influence of internal and external factors of the financial sector. It should be taken into account that the composition of the blue chips of the Moscow Exchange takes into account the dividend stability index. It gives a potential buyer of shares an understanding of how regularly the company pays dividends and how often it increases their size. The indicator is not just a list that is updated from time to time, but a historical indicator. Here you need to understand that when compiling the rating, the risks of future changes in the dividend policy established and used by the company are not taken into account. The peculiarity is the factthat the closer the index of securities to one, the better for the owner of the company’s shares. An indicator of 0.3-0.6 indicates that there were problems with payments or increases. Such companies as Novatek and Lukoil have stable indicators. Their indicator is in a high zone in terms of reliability and safety – 1 and 0.93, respectively. The disadvantages also need to be known and taken into account when forming your investment portfolio. The disadvantages of blue chips include low volatility. If an investor seeks to earn on the border of courses, then he is advised to opt for other methods, since this will not work with blue chip stocks. Another disadvantage is the small profitability. Keep in mind that this is a long term investment.Therefore, it is almost impossible to get income in a short time. Moscow Exchange indices of blue chips of total return at the link
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamics

How to invest in blue chips correctly and with maximum profit

Before investing in this segment, you need to take into account that such a phenomenon as rapid growth is not typical for blue chips. The positive here is that the decline also does not occur unexpectedly and for no apparent reason. Reliability is guaranteed by the fact that a business included in this category belongs to a proven and positively proven one. Blue chips grow slowly. The first indicators of profitability can be estimated in 3-5 years. Choosing in their favor is a good way to protect finances from inflation. The Moscow Exchange allows you to track the quotes of blue chips online at the link Blue chips of the Russian stock market – overview, pros and cons: Buy blue chips chips are available online on the official MICEX website.
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsYou can track analytics on the website There information is updated every 15 minutes. Example as of January 2022:
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsAll this information will allow you to conduct high-quality analytics, as well as quickly and safely complete a transaction. The current information on the MICEX at the end of January 2022 is such that it is recommended to invest in the oil and gas sector, as well as in areas related to electricity.
Moscow Exchange blue chips: index, list 2023, dynamicsPalladium and natural gas also perform well.

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