Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to use

Софт и программы для трейдинга

Cooper drive: its key advantages, features and functionality, how to use the scalper terminal. Bondar’s drive belongs to the category of
terminals designed for
intraday professional trading. Analyzing the data obtained in practice, we can conclude that every day this terminal is used by more than 1000 traders located in different countries of the world. Therefore, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the features, advantages, functions and the process of setting up the presented terminal for making sales and purchases.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to use

What is a Bondar drive and its overview

The creator of the terminal, necessary for the implementation of professional trading, is a team of developers from Russia. The drive itself was made in 2008. Its peculiarity lies in the fact that it is intended for use only by real traders who trade throughout the day. It combines a candlestick chart together with a scalping order book.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useAll terminals that exist today are quite voluminous, which is due to the fact that they were created as universal ones. And the presence of a serious failure in the operation of the terminal in the future for the
scalperbrings massive losses. Therefore, specifically for the scalping process, the so-called Bondar drive was created. All the functional features that are available in the terminal are necessary for the scalper. At a time when there is high volatility, such a terminal becomes as efficient as possible in terms of functioning. The connection process occurs through the use of a gateway called Plaza2. The transfer of information occurs without delay in real time.

The Bondar drive itself was registered in the State Register and certified on the Moscow stock exchange.

Functionality and drive capabilities

When using the Bondar drive, many traders were able to highlight the key advantage, which is the maximum convenience of perception from the visual side of the information that comes in. Due to the efficiency of the analysis, it is possible to gain an advantage in the process of trading activities. The drive itself provides support for a multi-window interface, which makes it possible to open about 20 tabs at the same time.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useThe drive can also be configured with so-called hotkeys, which will be used to quickly respond to market actions. It is possible to carry out their individual adjustment to respond to a glass or at the same time to all available glasses. In a survey conducted among traders – users of the terminal, it was found that such an element as visual convenience is at the heart of the key factor in the process of choosing the presented drive. Everything is explained by the fact that the scalper has to spend a small amount of time searching for certain patterns, since everything is quite understandable, taking into account his own intuition. In the drive itself, it is possible to use the color theme that is standard, or customize it to your liking.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useAmong the criteria that contribute to the achievement of visual convenience in the process of using the drive, the following are distinguished:

  • setting up range indicators for actions such as throwing stop losses and limit orders;
  • decrease or increase in value;
  • disable or enable automatic scrolling of glasses;
  • the ability to independently configure basic and intermediate levels;
  • work with clusters;
  • the ability to set all levels in the order book and, if necessary, delete all configured hot keys;
  • when exiting or entering a position, a sound signal is used;
  • by scrolling or double-clicking, there is a quick access to the used clusters;
  • the ability to observe the size of the ping in the glass;
  • flickering, during which a signal of a closed tab is observed, in which the process of changing takes place with those positions that are open, or with placed orders.

Do not forget that the process of trading is very closely related to some aspects of psychology. Therefore, a special system called risk management and the so-called pool were implemented in the terminal, which allows users to avoid mistakes. With the help of the pool, it is possible to transfer money during the trading session. The drive provides the ability to connect to the world’s largest existing exchanges. This was due to the fact that the terminal was registered in the State Register after certification. Further development of the Bondar drive continues, as the developers work every day to improve its functionality.

Features of installing the Bondar drive

Just before the installation itself, you need to download the Bondar drive to your personal computer. For further installation, you will need a computer with a preinstalled Windows operating system and an active email address. The drive itself can be downloaded only on the official resource or obtained from one of the available partners. If you look at private traders, then downloading the drive is possible for them, but before that, you will have to leave your own e-mail in a special form on the web resource.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useThere is no need to use the cracked version of the product, since the terminal is completely free. In addition, hacked versions of the software may contain hidden attachments, various viruses, which will further affect the operation of the terminal. When submitting an application on a web resource with the need to download the terminal, each user receives an e-mail with a link where you can download the launcher.

Important! It is worth paying attention to the fact that the letter will also contain a license key that must be used for the terminal and directly for the launcher itself. As for the license key itself, intended for the drive, it will appear in a personal pro-company.

Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useUsing the link that will be placed in the letter, you need to download the installation file with the name FSR_Launcher_Install.exe. The file itself will contain the FSR Laucher. It is through the use of this program that it is possible to install, launch and update the Bondar drive and its launcher.

Important! In order for the installation to be as correct as possible, it is necessary to select the installation on behalf of the administrator during the implementation of this process.

At the next stage, you must select the language, as well as accept the terms that are offered in the license agreement. After completing these steps, the Launcher will be installed on your personal computer. Note! The program will offer to install Visual C++ and Framework if these components are not on the computer. First installation of Cooper Drive:

Interface Features

After the first launch of the terminal, each user is faced with the Bondar drive interface, which contains all the necessary tools for effective trading.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useAmong the main interface elements of the presented terminal, the following are distinguished:

  • main menu – there is a button “Deals”, “Update settings”, “Dynamic pictures”, “Message pictures”, “Chart”, “Tabs”, “Two windows” and “?”;
  • ribbon with tabs, which has the ability to delete and rename tabs, as well as add a glass;
  • time;
  • “X” button to close the terminal;
  • the “_” button to minimize the active window;
  • the “Window” button, designed to expand the window to full screen;
  • a button used to add tabs;
  • the name of specific trading instruments;
  • an icon responsible for the process of closing the selected tool;
  • button to open the chart of the active instrument;
  • to call the window with the terminal settings, there is the “Settings” icon;
  • function of adding a guide;
  • volume, which is allocated with a special frame;
  • displaying the change in value as a percentage compared to those indicators that were observed in the previous trading session;
  • indicators of the working volume of the selected tool;
  • transactions that belong to the past category;
  • the time it takes to pass a certain order to the exchange;
  • general indicators of the volume set for the cluster;
  • a glass responsible for the list of applications;
  • choice of method used for averaging;
  • the best Ask/Bid price between which there is a spread.

Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to use

Bondar drive and features of its settings

In the drive, among the main windows, it is worth highlighting “Settings”. It is with its help that it is possible to configure the interface, hot keys, functionality, export and import terminal settings and manage the process of connecting to the markets of the Moscow Exchange.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useAmong the tabs that can be found in the “Settings” window, there are the following:

  • hotkeys – provide the ability to configure the tab;
  • connection – configuration and subsequent management of connections;
  • sound type notifications;
  • display;
  • tab manager.

To carry out the process of transferring settings to another personal computer, if necessary, to restore settings, or download them, there is a function to export, import and reset settings.

Features of using Bondar’s drive

After the first launch of the Bondar drive, the question often arises about the features of its use. Here, first of all, you should pay attention to the choice of license. As soon as the program is launched for the first time, the terminal will ask you to specify the path to the user’s license key. To select a user key, in the window that appears, click on the button with the inscription “OK”. In the window that opens, you need to find a file with the *.dat extension. The application will only continue to run after the correct key has been selected. The next step is to set up the connection. In automatic mode, the trading servers that are relevant will be loaded, which will be available for selection from a specific list.
Scalping terminal Cooper Drive: functionality, how to useIn the connection section there will be two areas for activity:

  • list of connections;
  • connection settings.

Using the “Connection settings” section, it is possible to configure the function responsible for automatically reconnecting in the event that an abrupt disconnection of the Internet connection occurs.

The possibility of using such a function as “Block trading” is not excluded. In this case, all trading commands will not be accepted by the drive. When it is restarted, the function is disabled automatically. In the “Connection” section, you can select the trading servers to connect to. After a specific trading platform is selected, it is mandatory to enter your own password and trading account numbers. After that, click on the connect icon. If the connection is successful, the field is immediately highlighted in green. When using the search by name, it is possible to quickly select the desired tool. Transliteration, which is used in Bondar’s drive, helps to make the search more convenient. How to work in Bondar’s scalping drive (Cscalp), where to download,

Advantages of Bondar’s drive

Among the main advantages are:

  • simultaneous connection to several trading platforms;
  • removal or addition of order books with subsequent display of tickers;
  • the ability to connect in the mode of studying quotes when there is no possibility to carry out trading operations;
  • the use of several instruments in the trading process at the same time;
  • tracking the current chart, dynamic order book and clusters;
  • carrying out operations through the use of various means for entering information;
  • flexible and convenient data customization for their specific form;
  • plotting;
  • displaying the necessary information in the portfolio.

With the help of the Bondar drive, it is possible to carry out various trading operations on the Moscow Exchange, as well as to work simultaneously with several accounts and exchanges, which is very important for traders.

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