Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchanges

Торговые роботы

Trading on the international financial exchange FOREX provides Russian traders with the opportunity to invest in the world’s largest liquid market. It is easy to invest free capital in various financial instruments in FOREX all over the world if the investor knows how to control not only the situation on the stock exchange, but also his psychological state. A trader must also have an understanding of the currency pairs, which is the ratio of the prices of two currencies, in order to start investing. Both for novice participants in exchange trading, and for professional investors on FOREX and crypto-exchanges around the world, software in the form of trading robots has great applied value. Its main task is to collect and analyze all the previously specified parameters of your trade and option contracts. The purpose of this assessment isto help traders make informed financial decisions based on all currency pairs that can potentially bring good profits.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesCoinrule robot interface [/ caption] The main advantage of the software is that once set up, it functions on its own with or without any international trader. This means that trading can be chosen not only as the main job, but also for the part-time work for students, attending the university and at the same time earning reasonable money on the stock exchange.

What is a trading bot for?

Robotic artificial intelligence is great for beginners in stock trading and traders who do not have a lot of time, but who want to learn this area and start earning.
A trading robot will also be useful for those who have relatively low profit on the exchange, but cannot increase it in any way. In this case, it is better to connect a robotic system than to take the services of investment brokers who charge a high brokerage commission for their “100 percent” strategies. Another reason why you should take a robot advisor is the lack of your own personally defined investment strategy and the desire to increase profits from your sales.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Robotic Trader Robots

Robot traders note:

  • insignificant commission fee for services rendered;
  • money capital in most of the proven bots is invested in reliable exchange-traded investment funds of the international level, so that the risk of losing profits is reduced to zero;
  • low minimum deposits are required;
  • the robot analyzes the trader’s investment portfolio and the situation in the financial market, notifying about all changes.

As for the “pitfalls”, here they are as follows:

  • some robotic systems have rigid strategies that do not allow you to change the strategy if the need arises;
  • trading robots today are not automated so well as to take into account all the goals and desires of the trader;
  • there is no advice on investing and working in the international market.

Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesTrading robot [/ caption]

How to choose a trading robot for trading in the financial market

There are several important defining criteria that allow you to choose a competent robotic advisor:

  1. Strategies that the system allows you to implement in reality.
  2. Ease of automating the robot and freedom of action for the trader. This concerns the settings, some parameters of which can be configured by the investor, and some of which are set by the bot on its own.
  3. Simple and straightforward tools . Some robotic systems can be launched by double-clicking on the mouse, while others require specialized programming skills.
  4. Compatibility with financial platforms . Most of the popular trading robots keep in touch with well-known financial markets. If you have chosen a lesser known exchange for trading, pay attention to this aspect.
  5. Reputation and duration of work in the market . Read in advance about the robot itself, how long it has been on the market, what users think of it and whether it is worth taking its services.
  6. Cost . Some robotic trading bots require a one-time or recurring payment, others are free but charge a commission on every trade.
  7. System safety and reliability . Make sure in advance that the security that the developers are talking about is really guaranteed. It will be enough to read the reviews about the chosen site. This is important, since formally it will be she who will manage your money.

TOP 11 best trading robots for trading on the Chinese markets

In this rating, we will consider exactly the best robots developed by Chinese developers that can confidently launch and work, both on the international financial market Forex and crypto-exchanges, and on other trading platforms in China.

Tickeron is a multifunctional platform for the development of automated trading robots

Tickeron is not just a robot, but a platform that has a large number of tools for trading operations, into the functionality of which advanced technologies with artificial intelligence are integrated, used by participants in exchange trading on various sources.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesTickeron has partnered with independent experts to create AI-powered automated investment brokers that accept, process, and are responsible for buy and sell orders. The platform has a certain set of customizable neural networks for developing advisors with artificial intelligence that only work with trading strategies and algorithms. The most demanded tool on the platform among the exchange trading participants are real-time templates – RTP Cryptos. They make it possible to compete quite strongly for investment funds with minimal legislative restrictions on the choice of financial instruments and management methods, quickly process models that are displayed by the value of the cryptocurrency. Also, robots created on Tickeron,instantly send a signal at any time of the day about the purchase or sale of cryptocurrency, based on data on the intraday value.

Note! These and other parameters are set at the discretion of the exchange participant in accordance with his goals and trading strategy.

Advantages of Tickeron:

  • free trial period;
  • simple functionality;
  • fast platform speed.


  • to purchase the Pro version with full access to all tools, the user must annually put $ 39 (about 2900 Russian rubles) on the balance of his personal account;
  • the platform interface is completely in English.

Mudrex is a strategic platform for automated trading and creation of investment bots

This platform provides exchange participants with investment strategies that will provide a stable income, and they can be used by both beginners and experienced traders. The user does not have to manually control the robot – it is automated by the best crypto trading specialists for fast and efficient work on cryptocurrency exchanges.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesIn addition, Mudrex offers to develop your own automated investment broker using a convenient trading strategy builder.

Note! The user does not need to know
programming languages and understand the development of trading bots. The constructor includes a set of algorithmic sets, which consist of strategic portfolios and indicators, which are subsequently connected to the platforms used.

The program is generally free, however the user has to pay a fixed fee when he invests in the algorithm. You can invest not only in it, but also in other stocks. Mudrex is convenient in that an exchange trading participant can connect to it his favorite or used exchange using the API. Advantages of Mudrex:

  • using the platform and its tools is completely free;
  • the ability to connect the exchange used by means of an API key;
  • a convenient and simple constructor for creating automated robots.


  • the platform often crashes, which sometimes pauses work;
  • the interface is completely in English.

How to use Mudrex:

RevenueBot is the most trusted cryptobot

RevenueBot is a trading robot with built-in cloud storage. It is used to increase profits and build a reliable investment strategy on many cryptocurrency exchanges. The system is automated according to the Martingale strategy, and trading is conducted around the clock.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesThe service is free for users, only a small payment is charged in the form of a percentage of each financial transaction. RevenueBot is compatible with such popular trading platforms as Forex, Binance, Exmo and others.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesBenefits of RevenueBot:

  • no monthly fee;
  • reliability and safety – all capital is transferred to the cloud storage and is stored there, and not with the robot itself;
  • you can trade on several currency pairs at once;
  • the trading robot is programmed in Russian;
  • accessible functionality and intuitive control.


  • if the trader is a beginner and he does not grasp the essence of the strategy, then he can go into a significant minus;
  • often the system malfunctions, which makes it difficult to surrender to work completely.

Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchanges

Trality – an exchange for automated trading using automated investment bots

Trality – this program is suitable for both beginners and experienced traders who can develop and invest capital using automated trading systems.

Note! Some new traders in the field of exchange trading, and experienced participants wonder why it is not possible to raise profits, it tends to zero, or even to a minus. The secret is that users are often emotionally biased towards the bidding process.

Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesIt is for this reason that the developers created the concept and came up with Trality, suitable for exchange traders of all levels. With just a few clicks in a dedicated mobile application, users can invest in investment trading robots developed by experienced professionals. Due to the use of a syntactically simple Python programming language on the Trality platform and an accessible constructor of trading robots, each client can benefit from trading with automated brokers. Summarizing all of the above, we can conclude that the multifunctional Trality platform is suitable for traders of any level who want to make money on algorithmic trading without giving up their daily tasks. The Trality program has several tariffs:

  1. “Pawn” is free. Includes:
    • the number of transactions – 5,000 euros;
    • minimum tick-gap – 60 m;
    • virtual artificial intelligence – 1;
    • records of the history of operations in the journal – are saved for 7 days;
    • tests – unlimited.
  2. “Knight” – 834 rubles per month. Includes:
    • the number of transactions – 25,000 euros;
    • minimum tick-gap – 60m;
    • virtual artificial intelligence – 2;
    • records of the history of operations in the journal – are saved for 14 days;
    • tests – unlimited.
  3. Ladya – 3336 rubles per month. Includes:
    • the number of transactions – for 250,000 euros;
    • minimum tick-gap – 5m;
    • virtual artificial intelligence – 5;
    • records of the history of operations in the journal – are saved for six months;
    • tests – unlimited.
  4. “Queen” – 5000 rubles per month. Includes:
    • number of transactions – unlimited;
    • minimum tick-gap – 1m;
    • virtual artificial intelligence – 10;
    • records of the history of operations in the journal – are saved forever;
    • tests – unlimited.

Trality Pros:

  • the original version with full functionality is free;
  • a large number of tariffs;
  • universal.


  • complex functionality;
  • interface in English;
  • not a one-time payment of tariffs.

Cryptorg is a universal platform for both beginners and professionals

Cryptorg is a system platform that allows you to simultaneously use a large number of trading robots. Their number is limited only by the number of currency pairs on the financial market. Some robotic investment bots can be connected via API.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesIf the trader does not have the skills of a programmer, you can use the built-in strategies and automate the robot on them, or program your own by putting them into the system. The main feature of this platform is a chat, in which exchange trading participants exchange experience and valuable advice. Cryptorg advantages:

  • the platform interface is made in Russian;
  • you can use several robot advisors at once;
  • social network with chat;
  • you can use both built-in strategies and put your own in the trading robot.


  • a small number of exchanges support this site;
  • complex interface – it will take time to figure it out.

Coinrule is a feature-rich free platform for beginner traders

This platform provides exchange trading participants with strong competition for experienced specialists in this field and investment funds with minimal legislative restrictions on the choice of financial instruments and management methods. The user does not have to create special codes, and the service is as simple as possible to use – place automatic transactions and do not miss the growth of assets on the market, being trapped.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesCoinrule quickly collects exchange signals and indicators that allow you to effectively allocate capital, while giving the trader full control over the automated system. In addition, the platform is suitable for novice traders who are just starting to understand the field of investment. Here you can send automated trading tasks to the used exchanges supported by Coinrule: FOREX, Binance, Coinbase Pro, etc. The
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangestechnical program does not ask for specialized passwords or certification for withdrawals. The parameters in the settings can be changed and systematized in accordance with the current conditions of the financial market, based on new algorithms. Coinrule Advantages:

  • using Coinrule is completely free;
  • no knowledge of programming, coding or secret codes is required to work on the platform and use special tools;
  • simple and affordable functionality that everyone can easily figure out;
  • suitable for beginners;
  • compatible with a large number of popular financial exchanges .


  • The Coinrule platform operates in English only.

Quadency is a user-friendly platform that provides a wide variety of trading strategies and a complete analysis of the investment portfolio

Quadency is a cryptocurrency portfolio management service that combines the digital financial assets market into one convenient and simple interface for investors of any skill level: both for experienced professionals and novice traders. Free lightweight automated trading strategies of system assistants are available to the clients of the site after registration in their personal account.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesThe service provides many trading strategies for every taste and color, ranging from a standard system bot to complex strategies. By creating a personal account on the Quadency platform, traders and investors can continue to work on previously used exchanges from it, tracking and preserving digital financial assets. A complete analysis of the trader’s investment portfolio is also available. The site was founded 4 years ago on the territory of New York and has a large team of experienced professionals who manage it from headquarters and numerous offices. Quadency Advantages:

  • trial version with a limited set of tools is free;
  • a large number of different trading strategies;
  • complete analysis of the investment portfolio.


  • inconvenient interface: all categories are distributed in a chaotic manner, which makes it difficult to work quickly and efficiently;
  • Quadency platform operates exclusively in English.

CryptoHero is a convenient application for a mobile device for fast and efficient trading

CryptoHero is a free mobile application that allows you to start trading operations automatically right from your device. Program coding, and therefore no programming skills are required. Conduct transactions with the most popular cryptocurrencies, including bitcoins, on the platform of automated trading bots 24/7. The main functions of the application are:

  1. After completing the registration procedure in the personal account, a participant in the trading exchange through the API code can connect to CryptoHero any trading platform on which financial transactions are carried out.
  2. Marketing strategy embedded in the investment portfolio: control the parameters of crypto trading or transfer them to the application itself in order to quickly and efficiently analyze the current situation.
  3. Technical combinations of codes with presets: start a trade with one, and end with another without using a code.
  4. Convenient and effective testing: try developed or purchased automated investment brokers based on historical data before disclosing it.
  5. Safe trading in securities: run testing on a virtual account without the risk of losing.

The service has several tariff plans:

  1. Free trial version for a month.
  2. Premium plan – from $ 9.99 (737 Russian rubles) per month or $ 94.99 (7015 Russian rubles) per year.

CryptoHero Advantages:

  • free trial for a month;
  • the ability to connect your favorite trading platform to the mobile application through the API interface.


  • the mobile application is often in the stage of revision / bug fixing, so sometimes failures occur and the trader may not get into the personal account;
  • to use the full functionality of the platform, you need to purchase the premium version;
  • CryptoHero operates exclusively in English.

WiseBanyan is an innovative robot consultant

WiseBanyan is a next generation robot advisor and one of the best system investment brokers in the Chinese market. Clients call the main advantages of the robot free management and a low minimum deposit of 1 US dollar, which in Russian rubles is 74 rubles.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesBenefits of WiseBanyan:

  • service management is free, and the minimum deposit makes the robot available to everyone;
  • the robot analyzes the investment portfolio and adjusts it.


  • for deeper services, such as tax collection, an additional fee is charged;
  • An account can only be created in two formats: personal and retirement accounts.

M1 Finance is a versatile and convenient automated robot advisor for trading on Chinese exchanges

M1 Finance is the most convenient and practical systemic advisor for investment accounts, built on the level of customization that a trader receives when creating an investment portfolio.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesThe service is absolutely free. It does not require any initial fees, deposits, or additional payment for premium services. This versatility and practicality also extends to the mobile application, into which the developers of the robot have introduced the same functionality as in the PC version.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesBenefits of M1 Finance:

  • the robotic trading bot M1 Finance does not charge traders any additional fees for premium services or for financial transactions;
  • makes it possible to collect a personal universal investment portfolio.


  • the robot does not have the service of collecting tax losses;
  • a complex interface that will take time to parse.

Zignaly is the best cloud bot

Zignaly is a cloud-based platform where all funds are stored. You can work with the service through a browser without downloading it first.
Trading robots for trading in the Chinese stock market on Forex, crypto exchangesZignaly advantages:

  • the service is completely free, does not charge commissions and additional payments for anything;
  • effective trading algorithms are used;
  • funds are stored in the cloud, and not on the site itself, their protection is maximum.


  • supports a small number of cryptocurrency exchanges;
  • most of the tools are currently unavailable, as the platform is under development.

Today, a participant in exchange trading does not have to put up with the fact that in order to increase profits, one must first pay for a robot that will help automate trading, and then for its services. You also don’t have to create an investment portfolio on your own, resorting to the services of a broker. Trading robots are inexpensive, you can often find free services, and their automated and reliable strategies will not let either new traders on the financial market or experienced exchange trading losers.

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