Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

Софт и программы для трейдинга

Quik is one of the most popular and demanded trading instruments in the financial market. The Quick platform allows you to carry out transactions with securities, Russian and foreign currencies in an online format, monitor the status of your assets and investment portfolio, monitor quotes for instruments in real time, view current news, engage in trading and more.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Quik on ipad [/ caption]

What is QUIK trading terminal?

QUIK is the largest trading platform founded by Russian developers to carry out operations with securities, currencies, and not only, on stock exchanges. At first, the platform was designed in the style of a conventional information portal. However, a few years later, the tool, created by a team of experienced specialists, received great appreciation among exchange trading participants and took a leading position in the market.
Today the trading system is an integral part of the Russian stock market, occupying about 85% of it.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

The main functionality and features of the QUIK trading platform

The QUIK trading platform is endowed with a large number of opportunities and includes a lot of useful tools. In addition to the full-fledged version on the PC, a group of programmers has developed a mini-version of the platform for mobile devices running on iOS and Android. QUIK terminal is multifunctional and has the following capabilities:

  • analysis of current market information at the current moment;
  • processing orders and conducted transactions of a market participant;
  • distribution of borrowed funds;
  • a dedicated place for risk management;
  • setting up automatic transactions using third-party software;
  • transmission of current prices for all instruments;
  • grouping of relevant news into a separate category;
  • convenient built-in language for creating tables;
  • online chat for program participants;
  • technical support that quickly responds to requests and questions from a trader;
  • OTC trading opportunities.

Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

Interesting! The order book in the QUIK trading terminal allows the participant to understand where it is more profitable to place limit orders. You can also use it to figure out which levels will be relevant in the future. Some traders use the order book as the basis for their personal trading strategy.

The advantages of the QUIK functionality

Users note that the terminal works quickly, without interruptions, has a wide functionality, and, in addition, has other advantages:

  1. Optimized and tuned data transmission system that reduces traffic and processing time.
  2. The personal identification system has been worked out at the highest level thanks to reliable encryption tools.
  3. Simple and intuitive interface in Russian.
  4. Convenient section “Options Board”, where you can find all the data on important transactions.
  5. Hotkeys are optimized on the platform, so it speeds up and simplifies the work process several times.
  6. The trading terminal works in both Russian and English.

Important! All operations carried out on the Quik platform are accompanied by electronic stamps, and all updated versions of the system do not bother the trader, as they are installed automatically.

What types of QUIK trading platform are there?

Experts have optimized the terminal for various devices, therefore, there are several types of it:

  1. A full-fledged computer version of the Quick trading platform. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  2. Mobile platforms : iQuik X – for iOS users and Quik Android – for owners of Android smartphones. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  3. WebQuik is a web version of the program for the browser. Suitable for those who do not want to install the terminal on their device or cannot because of incompatibility, as is the case with MacBook computers or Linux OS.

Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Before installing the program on your PC, decide which type of trading platform is most convenient for you. They do not differ in terms of built-in tools and principles of operation, only the connection methods are different – by keys, or by login and secret code. Let’s figure out how to install and connect each of them.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Comparison of trading platforms Quick and WebQuick [/ caption]

Installing and connecting the QUIK trading terminal: step-by-step instructions

Above, we have already figured out that there are several options for installing the program, each of which is loaded on the PC in different ways. Let’s consider all the steps in detail.

Installing QUIK terminal by keys

Step-by-step instructions for downloading and installing Quick:

  1. Download the QUIK trading terminal from the official website https://arqatech.com/ru/products/quik/.
  2. Extract the program from the archive and run it by double clicking. When downloading, there will be two options: “Save” or “Run” – save the file on your PC. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  3. Open the downloaded program and installer. After launching the latter, the page of the selected investment brokerage company will open with a proposal to install the terminal. Click the appropriate button. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  4. After successful installation, the system will notify you about the completion of the process. In the pop-up window there will be settings – uncheck unnecessary parameters. At this stage, you do not need to open the terminal, but it is important to check the box “Run the key generation program”, since they are the ones we will need in the future. Click Finish. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  5. The key generation process will begin. First of all, specify the folder where the keys will be saved. Then enter the login from the Quik platform and come up with a password for the terminal itself, including at least 3 characters. Advice! You can leave the path “Default”, then finding the keys later will not be difficult. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  6. Then repeat the password indicated in the top line and click “Next”. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  7. “Create”. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  8. At this stage, a window will pop up with an image of a man in a hat and a request to enter any text on the keyboard panel. You do not need to memorize the sequence of characters, just keep entering them until the counter in the center shrinks and the table is closed. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  9. Next, the last tab will open, where the user must click “Finish”.

The keys to work in Quick have been created. They need to be registered and you can start working!
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

Installing and configuring QUIK by login and secret code

This requires:

  1. Download the QUIK trading terminal, all links for downloading the latest versions of the user terminal https://arqatech.com/ru/about/news/tags/user-applications/.
  2. Extract the program from the archive and install it on your PC.
  3. No keys are required after installation.
  4. Register the platform with the computer system.

How to register a trading terminal on a computer?

For all brokers, the process is roughly the same. For example, for BCS, you need to do this: open the “Investment World” cabinet (https://bcs.ru/) in the browser and go to the “Services” tab, and from there – “Trading platforms”.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Connect the trading terminal:
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Then fill out the form:

  1. The platform’s pitchfork is QUIK.
  2. Registration type: either by key, or by login and secret code – which will be more convenient for you. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  3. If you register the platform by keys, then insert the key “pubring” into the third tab. If you left-click on it, a PC overview will open. Find the key and click “Open”. Sign the order in SMS format.

The platform is authorized within one working day. For the first month, the trading terminal works in trial mode, that is, free of charge. During this period, the user will have the same functionality as in the full version, but after a month, access will be closed if the account has less than 5,000 rubles.

Note! The trading terminal offers its users several tariffs, so before depositing the amount, read them and choose the most suitable one.

How to specify the path for keys in the QUIK trading terminal

If you do not optimize the settings, then by default the system will look for keys in a specially designated file. If, when loading keys, you specified a certain path, in the QUIK platform this must be displayed as follows:

  1. Start the platform, but do not communicate with the hardware.
  2. Follow the step-by-step transitions: “System” – “Settings” – “General settings” – “Program” – “Encryption”, and finally click on “Default settings”. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  3. In the pop-up window, specify the path. Click on three dots, after which a PC overview will open, where the keys will be. In the Public Key File tab, enter pubring.txk. And in the “File with Secret Keys” enter secring.txk. Click “Save”.

Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

Let’s understand the main categories:

  1. System . This contains the basic settings for the platform.
  2. Create a tab . This section helps to organize the data on the operations performed and add new tabs.
  3. Actions . Here you can create and modify tables, lay out orders for opening positions, and also configure the main trading parameters.
  4. Brokerage platform . This menu allows you to set up limits for the derivatives market and trading instruments. They can be saved in a separate folder or stored in the QUIK system itself.
  5. Additional features . They allow you to create volatility charts and your own developed trading strategy, which is also uploaded to the platform through a previously prepared template.
  6. Services . This menu contains the main filters. Here you can set the criteria for automatically canceling orders when certain conditions are met.
  7. Tabs . Organize windows on the desktop. You can organize them both by using the templates offered by the system, or by choosing the location yourself.

Installing the demo version of the QUIK trading terminal: https://youtu.be/RW8zzS_YTRg

How to use QUIK : from interface to practical recommendations

We have figured out the main functional chips, now we will understand in detail the program interface, which is an equally important part for comfortable and fast work with QUIK. The main elements of the QUIK trading terminal interface are:

  1. Trading system menu . Through this section, you can access the full functionality of the program.
  2. Functional panel . It contains all the functional buttons for quick and clear work with the terminal.
  3. Menu with automatic commands . It opens when you right-click anywhere on the platform. Includes a list of actions that can be performed in this particular tab.
  4. Status bar . Here you can find all the relevant information about the server, connection to it and other technical issues.
  5. Favorites . This section groups the platform windows into predefined categories for quick switching between them.
  6. Tables . Created and processed to display actual information received from the server.
  7. Chats . QUIK platform tabs required for specifying settings.
  8. Charts . With their help, it is very convenient to analyze the current changes in the financial market and your own situation of operations.

Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Quick charts [/ caption] How to trade in the Quick terminal – how to buy shares, place orders in QUIK: https://youtu.be/M3VTczOiGZ0

Trading system menu: platform management

The QUIK trading platform menu includes access to all functional tools for work. The set of menu items depends on the version installed on the user’s computer, as well as on the selected tariff and optimized settings. For example, for a trader, the “News” section will be open only if the user is allowed to receive this information.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

Functional panel: main features

A functional toolbar is included in the menu in order to have quick access to the main functions of the platform. It is a collection of several panels that can be included in the operation of the system, moved around the display, arranged in a convenient order, or even removed completely as unnecessary.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration To include the functional panel in the work process, hover the mouse over it and click on the right key – a context menu with a list of available consoles will open in front of you. To select a specific one – click on the left mouse button.

Note! You can also configure the console system through the menu in the program, namely through the “Settings / General” section, by going to the “Toolbars” tab and selecting the necessary ones.

The designations on the functional panel of a particular tool may vary in size. Large ones are more noticeable, but small ones take up less space and look more concise. You can manually configure a more convenient size of icons through the “Settings / General” section, which is located in the “Toolbar” tab, item – “Large buttons”.

Note! To find out which button is responsible for what, hover the mouse over the icon and a tooltip will appear.

Setting up QUIK in 15 minutes, how to trade on the Quick platform is simple, fast and convenient, an application for futures and shares of the MICEX exchange: https://youtu.be/wkJdMzKj0pM

Functionality of the menu with automatic buttons

This section makes it possible to optimize the platform window, as well as open an additional one through the elements in the specified cell of the table. A menu with automatic buttons can be invoked by clicking the right mouse button. You can configure the platform’s reaction to commands given by the right mouse button through the “Settings / General” section in the “General” tab, the line – “Right mouse button”.

Favorites: menu features

The bookmarks located on the screen are necessary for convenient work: quickly switch between a large number of open windows. Bookmarks are favorites, which are located in the form of shortcuts with names on the desktop. One or several windows can be connected to each category, which will open only when its icon is selected.

Status bar: what is it for

This section shows and is responsible for the state of all aspects of the QUIK platform: connecting to the server, its address, obtaining the necessary information, new notifications, customized messages, currency, cost. To enable the status bar in operation or, on the contrary, disable it, go to the “Settings / basic” menu, from there to the “Toolbar” section by clicking on the “Status bar” functional line.

Quick function (hotkeys) keys: how to use

Most of the trading terminal tools can be opened through a certain combination of buttons on the keyboard panel. A complete list of hotkeys can be found in the platform user manual.

Data structure

The QUIK trading terminal makes it possible to collect data from several sides of the financial market. All items used for financial transactions: currency, securities, etc., are collectively called exchange items. Data with the same topic and related to a specific side of the market are collected in one group, forming classes of elements.

QUIK for mobile devices – functionality of a mobile application for smartphones

The team of programmers also took care of traders who find it more convenient to trade on a smartphone, having developed the QUIK mobile program for both Ayios users – iQUIK X and for Android owners – QUIK Android.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration QUIK Android [/ caption] The features and functional features of the trading terminal are the same as in the full version for PC. A participant in exchange trading receives a detailed analysis of the market, up-to-date information about it, can carry out transactions and promote his strategy. But although the program does not differ in its internal components, there are still some features underlying it. For example, it is not enough just to install the program on Android and register in it. An application for connecting a new trading terminal is sent through the account. Only after this stage the user will receive a login and a secret code to enter. If we consider the functional aspects of the application, then they are no worse than the full desktop version. Here, for example, it is still forbidden to set your own indicators.However, the disadvantage of the mobile version for some will be a small screen, on which it is difficult to see an overview of the full trading picture. The QUIK mobile application allows you to perform the following actions:

  • create and work with charts, download market analysis;
  • submit the same type of applications as in the full version of the PC program;
  • receive comprehensive information about your investment portfolio and limit orders;
  • the full version of the order book allows you not to reduce the efficiency of trading;
  • collection and viewing of all the features of past and upcoming operations and deals, as well as submitted orders;
  • receive up-to-date information about the financial market, monitor its changes.

The quik Sberbank system is a mobile version of the Android application: https://youtu.be/W7IimR3HtWw As mentioned above, the functionality is the same as in the desktop program. Therefore, the main disadvantage of this situation is the small screen diagonal on a mobile device – it is simply not comfortable to carry out operations and work on a 6-7-inch display, and the gadget itself can often freeze.
This version of the programs can be considered as an excellent addition to the main version for the PC, to keep track of transactions when you are on the road or do not have the opportunity to enter the program through a computer.

Installing the Quick mobile application: step-by-step instructions

Downloading the application itself to a mobile device is carried out according to the same principle of action as any other mobile application:

  1. Go to the game store (for Android – Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.arqa.quikandroidx&hl=ru&gl=US, for iOS – Apple Store), enter the name of the application and download program.
  2. As soon as the application is installed, on the desktop you will find the application icon, by which you can enter the program itself.

Important! For the first month, the QUIK trading terminal works for free, as it were in a trial version, however, you need to deposit a sufficient number of assets into the account, the amount of which will be at least 30,000 rubles. Otherwise, the terminal will not be registered.

So, how to register in the Quick mobile application itself:

  1. Log into your account, and from there go to – “Services” – “Trading platforms”. Click on “Connect a new terminal”. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  2. The following window will open in front of you, where you need to fill out a questionnaire in the form of an order. Indicate the agreement to which the platform will be connected, put a sufficient amount of assets on the brokerage account, select the type of terminal – in our case, mobile QUIK and the type of registration – by login and secret code. Click “Next”. Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration
  3. Having sent the order, they remain to wait for the answer, which will come the next day after the submission of the “application”. The secret code from the terminal will be sent in SMS form.

Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration After the terminal password has been received, go to the application and enter webquik.bcs.ru, or webquik2.bcs.ru in the line “Server address”, and then the login and password.
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

Note! Do not forget to change the temporary code received by SMS to a permanent one. The terminal itself will require a password change every three months.

Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration Confirm the entrance to the terminal with the code that will be sent to SMS, and you can start working!
Quik trading terminal: functionality, connection, configuration

Answers to frequently asked questions

– Will the program work on incompatible devices: MacBook and Linux? The software of this trading terminal is oriented only to Windows OS. Errors and crashes are common on MacBook and Linux. Therefore, to establish it under such conditions or not is the choice of everyone.
– How much do you need to pay to work with the QUIK trading terminal? Connecting the platform itself is free, and whether a commission will be charged for the work depends on the balance on the brokerage account. After 30 days of the free period, all versions of the mobile terminal will cost 200 rubles, regardless of the amount of assets in the account.

Note! If the value of securities and other items is below 5,000 rubles, the terminal will be automatically disabled in accordance with the QUIK operating rules.


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