Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives


Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, popularity and opportunities, why should you learn JS? JavaScript (JS) is a prototype-based programming language. Initially, the language was developed in order to enliven Internet resources, that is, to make websites as responsive as possible and quickly respond to user commands. This includes pop-up windows, functional buttons, by clicking on which the system performs a certain action.
Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives

JavaScript: practical application, which gives knowledge of JS

JavaScript is used in most technical server development projects. As a rule, client bases, online applications and web resources are built on the basis of the code of this programming language. JavaScript is used for the following actions and tasks:

  1. Development of standard embedded mobile applications . These are system programs that are built in automatically during OS development.
  2. Development of the software and hardware part of the service (backend) .. In this programming language, the internal component of most devices, applications and websites is also written. That is, with the help of one code written in JavaScript, you can create both a client base and design an internal site server.
  3. Development of computer programs . JS has been used in the creation of office programs such as Microsoft, Skype, etc.
  4. Creation of trading robots for trading . Since JS is an easy language to learn, most traders who want to develop a trading robot for themselves resort to using this particular programming language.

Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives

Why the JavaScript programming language has become so popular and continues to gain popularity: the opinion of experienced specialists

JavaScript is one of the most in-demand programming languages ​​in the world, ranking 7th in the TIOBE index. Experienced programmers note several reasons for the resurrection of the current programming language and why it continues to gain popularity.
Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives

Brings the sites to life

As we noted above, with the help of JS, a web resource can be brought into a dynamic state, speeding up and simplifying work on it. Pop-up windows, practical functional buttons, when pressed, a certain command is executed – all this is done on the basis of the Java Script program code.

Progressive web apps are gaining popularity

PWA (progressive web applications) is a technology that is a combination of an online resource and a mobile application, which, as a result, replaces the program on a smartphone with a website. It is actively used by Google Corporation.
Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives

Easy to learn

While there are nuances to learning any programming language, including JavaScript, it is very easy to learn and error tolerant. Any user, if desired, will be able to understand the code writing system and build the desired products on its basis.

Why should you pay attention to JS when writing applications, robots or for other purposes?

There are several reasons for using JavaScript:

  • a large amount of information regarding its study, nuances and work can be found in the public domain on the Internet;
  • a wide range of tools for work;
  • a large and friendly community that will help you sort out the issues that have arisen;
  • this programming language can be used in completely opposite areas: writing a client base, site server, mobile application, etc.;
  • high demand in the labor market.
Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives
Finding a javascript job is not difficult even for a beginner, judging by the number of vacancies

Note! The speed, convenience and structuring of the program code is growing. But do not be afraid of this – thanks to a large community, the interest of many people in this programming language, a wide range of tools for work, each user will be able to study and independently develop their own system product.

Will JavaScript have such popularity in the future?

The technological process does not stand still and, according to experienced programmers, not so long ago there were technologies that can replace some of the functionality of the program code in the browser, but today they have weaker capabilities than JS has. It is important that most large companies today regularly invest in the development of this programming language, and therefore it does not lose its relevance, becoming more and more popular and efficient. Therefore, as for the forecast for the next five to ten years, the popularity of JavaScript will grow, because there are still many interfaces and dead sites on the Internet that should be addressed. What will happen next is difficult to predict because of the constantly evolving technologies.
Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives

Are JavaScript skills and knowledge really necessary: ​​the pros and cons of learning this programming language

Experienced programmers argue that the language will be relevant for a long time, and its functional abilities are almost limitless. There are many programming languages, but JS in this regard is distinguished by its simplicity, ecosystem and accessibility. Important! However, it is also necessary to take into account that the JS language is constantly evolving, and you will have to constantly learn new technologies and then apply them in practice. Why you should learn JS:

  1. A simple ecosystem, subject to even the average user.
  2. Wide functionality and a large set of tools for work.
  3. Skills will not be useless, they can be useful both for earnings and for personal purposes.

Disadvantages of JS:

  1. New technologies are regularly introduced into the language, they have to be studied and be able to use them in practice.

Skills and language proficiency are not required for a simple user who does not pursue the goal of writing programs, servers or does not plan to connect his life with programming in the future, however, for those who want to understand this area, this will be additional proof of professionalism.

Development of trading robots for trading: is JavaScript suitable and what can be created with it

Most traders want to have a system assistant for trading on stock exchanges, but most of them also want to write a robot on their own, and not order a ready-made one. Of course, such zeal is welcome, because it is possible to put the functionality that is needed into your own product. However, what if the trader does not understand programming languages, and JS flickers every now and then in popular trading robots, is it suitable? Experts will say that it is better to use C/C++/C# to write trading robots, but these programming languages ​​are not the most concise and easy to learn, and the world does not end there. If you use JS when writing a trading bot, then the process will take a little longer, but the functionality of the assistant,
Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectivesBenefits of using JavaScript when writing a trading robot:

  1. Short syntax, intuitive code and wide toolkit for comfortable work.
  2. The language is universal: that is, the developer will be able to put into his bot any characteristics that are necessary for a successful bidding process.
  3. JavaScript has great prospects for development, the language is constantly updated with new technologies, which gives the developer even more opportunities to improve the robot.
  4. This programming language is supported by most stock exchanges, so the robots do their job properly.

Benefits of learning JavaScript (JS) in 2022, opportunities and perspectives
Debut: A trading automation ecosystem written in JS
In case you have recently started learning how trading bots work, or even in them if you don’t understand, but want to use JS to create a specific product, don’t be afraid to try it – the language is simple and intuitive. Programming trading robots in modern realities:

Advantages and disadvantages of learning, as well as the possibilities of the JavaScript programming language

Widespread and compatible with various platforms. Any browser and OS supports this language. There were no problems with deploying applications or launching web resources either on a PC or on a mobile device during the entire time the code was used.When developing, the compiler will not help. That is, the developer cannot find out whether the written code will work until he reaches a certain line on which this check is available.
The JavaScript application does not require installation on a desktop computer or other device – the code is written in the browser.When writing a product, you will have to use other resources. JS does not allow file manipulation, input and output actions. Therefore, the developer will have to resort to using third-party libraries in the process of writing. But those can subsequently fail in the code.
Easy to learn. Incredible, because this programming language is so effective and popular that it would seem that it should be difficult to learn, but even children at school are taught the skills to use it. The syntax and ecosystem are intuitive and clear, and a large number of tools for work only increases the developer’s opportunities.Low security. There are many scripting codes available on the Internet, so there is no guarantee that a JS-based product will not be hacked in the future.
High level language. This means that in the system of this language there are already combinations of actions, using which you can easily write code. That is, the developer does not have to prescribe each action, the language will provide the code on its own. But this does not detract from the user’s capabilities.
Fast in practice. Products written in JavaScript are distinguished by their liveliness, fast response and their versatility.

Benefits of learning JavaScript, what are the features and benefits of JS: JavaScript is an excellent multifunctional programming language not only for beginners, but also for experienced professionals. The syntax and ecosystem are easy to learn, and a wide range of tools will expand the developer’s options. And to study this programming language to raise your own professional skills or use it for certain purposes, or not – it’s up to everyone to decide for themselves.

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