Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account


Brokerage company ITI Capital – overview of opportunities, investment instruments, rates, personal account. ITI Capital is a popular company (official website that offers ready-made investment solutions and provides users with access to stock exchanges. The broker creates acceptable conditions for business development. Consultants provide timely assistance to
algorithmic traders , helping them quickly resolve emerging issues. Below you can get acquainted with the terms of cooperation, as well as study the features of registering and opening a brokerage account with ITI Capital.
Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account

Brokerage organization ITI Capital: description, terms of cooperation

The popular brokerage company ITI Capital allows its clients to engage in algorithmic trading and receive expert advice on investment issues. The broker took care to provide open access to international financial markets. ITI Capital services can be used not only by corporate clients, but also by private clients. There is no doubt about the reliability of the broker. The company’s activities are carried out under the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. For many years the company has been included in the rating of the best brokers in the Russian Federation.

Terms of cooperation

The company’s developers did their best and created their own software, which was called the
SMARTx terminal . This platform will be an excellent option for a trader trading on the Russian stock market.

Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account
The SMARTx terminal has the following advantages:

  • the presence of a built-in system for risk management;
  • fast execution of orders;
  • the presence of a demo version for testing and getting used to;
  • a large number of additional plugins for automating trading activities, improving results;
  • single account (single cash position) for all markets.

ITI Capital is ready to provide its clients with a standard
Quik platform and a platform for algorithmic traders who use bots in their work.
Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account

Brokerage service

Beginners in the field of algorithmic trading can choose the “Trial” tariff, which is provided free of charge for the first month. Depending on what type of market will be traded on, the size of the commission will also depend:

  • for the derivatives market, the amount of commission is from 20% of the exchange commission;
  • for stock – from 0.0087% of the transaction amount;
  • for currency – from 0.004% of the volume of transactions.

The activity of a trader and his turnover have a significant impact on the amount of commission fees. The fee will be higher when the turnover is low.

Note! The maximum
leverage is 1:10, and the deposit amount for the initial replenishment reaches 50 thousand rubles.

It is best for investors to take care of opening an Individual Investment Account. At the same time, it should be borne in mind that the cost of a portfolio of consulting management services for a period of more than 1 year will be equal to 1,000,000 rubles.
Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account

Other features

For clients whose total assets exceed 15 million rubles, ITI Capital provides the opportunity to receive the Personal Broker service. In this case, user accounts will be monitored. Traders will be alerted to risks and potentially profitable trades. The presence of hedging and a separate telephone line for communication will be an additional advantage. If desired, you can use the service for tests.

Note! Using the SMARTx platform, traders will be able to create their own algorithms for automated trading. In order to put the algorithms into operation, you need to take care of their preliminary connection to the servers.

Investment tools

The company provides its clients with access to the currency/terms/stock markets of Moscow Exchange. In addition, traders have the opportunity to trade on the foreign securities market GLOBAL FX / Asian stock market. Currency pairs, stocks, precious metals, indices and commodities are the main trading instruments of the broker.

Trading terminals

SMARTx is a trading terminal developed by ITI Capital, equipped with a built-in risk management system. Using this terminal, you can speed up the process of processing orders. If you plan to trade from a browser, you should use the SMARTweb terminal. You can also trade on the Quick platform (QUIK). To carry out activities on the exchange of trading robots, experts advise using the SMARTcom terminal.
Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account

Registration and start of trading

To open the registration form, click on the “Open an account” button, which is located in the upper corner of the main page of the site on the right side. During registration, the user will be required to enter their phone number and email address. After that, the company’s consultant will tell you exactly what documents you need to submit to complete the registration. The account is opened on the same day the application was submitted.

Note! To pass the verification of trading accounts, users provide copies of their passports. To upload scanned documents, you will need to go to the company’s personal account. Scans of receipts for payment of utility bills will allow you to confirm the address of residence.

Demo account ITI Capital

The brokerage company allows its clients to open test accounts, which are free accounts that allow you to test your own strategies or evaluate your strength when working on the platform. You do not need to invest money to use the demo version. The system will create trading conditions as close as possible to the real market. Thanks to the virtual money in the account, traders get the opportunity to:

  • platform testing;
  • taking part in trading on the stock market;
  • use for trading all the instruments available in the program;
  • using the account continuously for 14 days.

To get access to the demo version, just fill out the form on the website of the brokerage company. After that, detailed instructions and passwords for entering in the trading terminal will be sent to the trader’s email. The execution of the first transaction using virtual funds allows you to activate the account.

Mobile application ITAI Capital

Today, traders may not be tied to the workplace, because trading on the stock exchange can be done through a mobile application for a trading terminal called SMARTtouch. The features of the ITI Capital mobile application include the presence of:

  • functions of substituting prices from the “glass”;
  • options for automatic generation of applications;
  • the possibility of closing orders “in one click”;
  • news feeds and reviews covering current economic issues;
  • the possibility of forming a personal table of quotes for certain instruments;
  • demo version.

The developers have created a mobile terminal iSMART, which can be used by owners of iOS / Android devices.

Note! There is no bonus program at ITI Capital.

Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account

Opening an account with ITI Capital

The developers have made sure that ITI Capital users have the opportunity to open accounts remotely. To do this, you will need to use the System of Interdepartmental Electronic Interaction, which allows banking institutions / extra-budgetary funds and other participants in the SMEV to exchange data. During the account opening process, personal data is requested. For identification, the client needs to send scans of the TIN and passport. When entering passport data, you should not worry about security. The brokerage company does not store scanned documents of its clients. The data is recognized on the user’s device and transmitted to ITI Capital in text form, protected by 128-bit encryption. The account will be opened within a day. A message announcing the opening will be delivered to your email. Also, the company’s specialists will send a username and password,

Note! On weekdays, support specialists work from 9:00 to 21:00, and on weekends from 10:00 to 19:00.

Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal accountITI Capital is a popular brokerage company whose reliability is beyond doubt. The activity of the broker is carried out under a license. The program interface is intuitive, information for training beginners is provided in sufficient quantity. The process of opening a brokerage account does not take much time. Cooperation with ITI Capital is a very reasonable and profitable decision, which will bring good results for both beginners and experienced investors.

Advantages and disadvantages

There is no doubt about the reliability of ITI Capital. ITI Capital is a top broker and has been included in the rating of the best companies in the Russian Federation for many years, which is a significant advantage. It should be taken into account that since 2004 the broker has been operating under the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. The most significant advantages of ITI Capital include:

  • an extensive list of assets;
  • excellent service, timely assistance from technical support;
  • having a license;
  • reliability;
  • customer focus;
  • professionalism;
  • increased profit;
  • providing intelligent analytics;
  • own trading platform;
  • adjusting strategies so that they are not too aggressive.

A little frustrating is only a high commission and a rare slowdown of the terminal. Otherwise, according to the reviews of traders who have become clients of ITI Capital and have managed to evaluate the features of working with this broker, there are no significant shortcomings.
Brokerage company ITI Capital: investment instruments, tariffs, personal account


Below you can find the most common questions that arise from ITI Capital clients and the answers of specialists to them.
How can I close a position if Internet access is temporarily unavailable? To close a position, just call 8 (800) 200-55-32. Technical support specialists will help you quickly resolve this issue.
Why am I being asked a secret question?Such actions are taken to ensure the safety of customers. At the moments when traders on the phone give an order to make a deal, the broker must be sure that the call came from a client, and not from a scammer. By answering the security question correctly, ITI Capital employees will be able to execute the order, confident that the trade order comes from a trader who is a client of ITI Capital. To create a secret question and answer, you need to go to the Menu, click on the Settings category and select the Change login/password category.
Is it possible for me to have a “short” and “long” position in the same issuer at the same time? Clients have a similar opportunity, however, for this you will need to take care of opening an additional subaccount.
What is the difference between an application with GTC status and DAY? The status of the GTC application indicates that it is valid for 30 days. Whereas DAY orders are only valid for the day on which they were placed.
Can I place orders in the trading system at night/morning time, which does not coincide with the time of the trading session? Users can submit applications at any time. Brokerage company ITI Capital – overview and opportunities:
What is the purpose of margin trading?Thanks to margin lending, users can increase profitability not only in a growing market, but also in a falling market. Algotrades will be able to sell currencies/shares and other instruments without owning them. At the same time, the volume of transactions increases, and the financial result increases. ITI Capital is a popular brokerage company offering a wide range of services. Clients can be sure of the reliability of ITI Capital, because the company’s activities are carried out under the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation. Giving preference to this brokerage company, you can be sure that information about the status of the account and trading will be provided promptly, and if any problems arise, the service specialists will help to cope with the trouble. The advantages of ITI Capital will be appreciated not only by beginners,

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