How to automatically collect profit using a trading robot

Situation 1: You see that the stock is about to rise. Enter a position and set your profit margin to +1%. Close the terminal and go about your daily business. Come and see that while you were away, the price reached +0.8%, turned around and flew away by -0.5%. You bite your elbows because you should have set the take profit lower. Situation 2: you set take profit at +0.6% and close the terminal. When you return, you see that you closed at take profit. Only now the price has gone up +3% in the direction you want. Situation 3: you put a stop at -0.95%, walk away. Come and see that the price flew by -1%, knocked out your stop, and then soared by +4% In all cases, you lost your profit out of the blue. In the first it is obvious, in the second it is not obvious, and in the third it is generally offensive to tears. What to do? Or do nothing in the position of a passive investor. Or use automation for trading. The algorithm is the simplest. The robot waits for the profit to reach breakeven (including commission) and supports the price with a stop. As the price rises, the robot raises the stop and follows the price. The stop rises gradually behind the price, slightly behind it. There are two problems. 1. If the stop is placed very close to the current price, the position will be quickly closed and will not provide the opportunity to collect a larger profit. 2. If the stop is set too far, allowing you to wait out drawdowns, then you will miss the profit that could have been collected. Therefore, the robot sets the average price between the current stock price and the parameter from the settings. The settings have the following values: Breakeven: 0.0011% Step 1: 0.002% Step 2: 0.005% Step 3: 0.0075% Step 4: 0.0095% What do they mean. Breakeven is the value after which a stop should be set. If your tariff has a commission of 0.005%, then your breakeven is 0.01%. Therefore, the robot’s settings set the breakeven to 0.011%. Next are the percentage steps that are of interest to us. As soon as the stock price exceeds this profit, the average between the current price and this step is taken. This is very simplified, the logic is a little more complicated. In order to give the price a chance to hang out at breakeven and in the first steps and not close the position early, and at higher steps, approaching a profit of 1%, reduce this chatter threshold and close the position early. Of course, this is not a silver bullet and in the absence of liquidity or gaps, the price will fly by. But on average and in general, it is very convenient to trade when you only think about entering a position. And the exit occurs automatically. Step by step how to try: 1. Install OpexBot on a server or home PC. I recommend the server, in addition to the fact that it is located as close as possible to the exchange and the robot will receive prices and place transactions faster than traders. It will also be turned on 24/7, regardless of your PC. Accordingly, you will be able to open transactions from the terminal on your phone, no matter where you are. And they will close automatically according to the rules described above. 2. Set up access to Tinkoff Invest. To begin with, you can create a separate account with a minimum amount and give access only to it,so that the robot does not close positions in your investment portfolio. 3. Open the tab with robots and launch the AutoProfit robot 4. You can enter trades manually, both from the Tinkoff terminal and from the OpexBot terminal. And the robot will set the breakeven and move the stop for you. It’s very simple, safe and profitable. Added step-by-step video instructions. Feel free to ask any questions, even the strangest and trickiest ones. They help make my developments even better. Write your ideas in the comments or PM.

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