Popular robots for trading on the global stock market – stocks, bonds

Торговые роботы

A trading robot is an algorithm-based software that automatically places trades on behalf of a trader. Many robots are programmed in such a way as to take the maximum profit from trades on weekends, because it is during this period that a reduced trading volume can be observed.
The abundance of robots is often confusing. Which program should you give preference to? Below you can find a description of the best trading robots used by traders around the world.
Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds

Free and paid algorithmic trading bots for trading stocks and other securities on the global exchange

In order not to be mistaken when choosing software for trading stocks and bonds on the stock exchange, it is worth studying the rating of the best robots that will delight you with a clear interface and reliability.


DAXRobot is a popular trading robot with which you can trade stocks and bonds. DAXRobot uses signals to determine appropriate prices. The robot removes any psychological or emotional biases when making a deal, which is a significant advantage. DAXrobot does not have a mobile trading app for traders to use. This EA does not have a demo account. Instead, customers can test the available robots found on the DAXrobot web platform. The graph appears at the moment when the user is testing the bot. If traders do not deposit funds that can unlock the robot, they still have the opportunity to test each of its functions.
Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds

Note! A $ 10 service fee applies when customers do not complete any transactions for the entire month.

The strengths of DAXRobot traders include:

  • round-the-clock customer support;
  • the ability to create your own robots on the platform;
  • reliability;
  • simple, user-friendly interface;
  • generating accurate signals.

Users can pair their robots using specific indicators before trading. A bit frustrating:

  • too high rate of the minimum deposit ($ 250);
  • commission for inaction;
  • lack of a mobile application.


SuperADX is a reliable robot with which you can trade stocks and bonds. Users using this bot can choose the appropriate tactics for each traded asset. Earning income is possible both in a growing (Long) and a falling market (Short). There is also a function of placing protective orders (stops / trailing stops) for any open position. SuperADX can be used not only as a robot, but also as an advisor. The advantages of SuperADX traders include:

  1. Manual configuration of bots. Users can set some parameters at their discretion, without providing the entire trading process to the advisor.
  2. The high speed of the software, which was achieved thanks to specially designed servers and connection technologies.
  3. Reliability.
  4. The ability to set the start and end time of the robot’s trade.
  5. Setting stops / trailing stops to an open position.

Despite the fact that SuperADX has many advantages, traders are frustrated by the instability of results and too high risks.
Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds


Executor is state of the art stock trading software. The robot operates on the basis of the Sterling Trader Pro infrastructure. Access and control can be opened through the browser. The developers allowed traders to choose the direction and set the risk parameters. Only after setting these settings will the bot start trading stocks. In this case, universal entry / exit points are used. The software is capable of closing a huge number of transactions at the same time. The robot itself can control the degree of risk and perform all the work on entering / exiting positions.

Note! Outside the specified price range, the EA does not trade. The program perfectly tolerates technical failures. Management from 2-3 devices is available.

The advantages of the Executor are:

  • reliability;
  • the ability to independently set risk parameters;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • wide functionality.

Traders using the robot to trade stocks and bonds in the stock market do not highlight any drawbacks.
Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds


VTB is a free service that can tailor a strategy to the user’s financial goals. The robot monitors the process of making transactions and sends recommendations to the trader as to which stocks are better to sell / buy in a specific period. VTB managers are working on creating the portfolio. The user can independently make decisions or listen to the bot’s advice. Connecting a robot for trading stocks and bonds allows you to get good income and save time that a trader spends on analyzing data on his own. Experts are very pleased with the VTB program:

  • good work of the technical support service;
  • reliability;
  • accessible interface.

The bot offers suitable strategies, which is especially important when a beginner has started trading. Traders using the VTB trading robot do not experience significant drawbacks. It is easy and fast to work with the program.
Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds


Betterment provides clients with a carefully selected and diversified portfolio of exchange-traded stocks and bonds (ETFs). The selection methodology is designed to be optimized for higher returns by investing in ETFs that are inexpensive and tax efficient. Betterment’s current portfolio is fully diversified with the Vanguard and iShare ETFs. In cases where a trader needs the help of a financial expert, you can contact him for advice through the Betterment application. Betterment Digital, is a basic version that does not require a minimum balance and charges the client an annual fee of 0.25%. (Previously, Betterment offered an annual management fee ranging from 0.15% to 0.25% based on total balance.)

Betterment Plus requires a minimum deposit of $ 100,000 and charges 0.40% per year.

The strengths of the bot, traders include:

  • the ability to open an account for free;
  • small commission;
  • excellent support service work;
  • reliability;
  • the possibility of obtaining specialist advice (assistance from a personal financial advisor);
  • availability of several portfolio options;

The disadvantages of Betterment are as follows:

  • external accounts are not taken into account when placing assets;
  • lack of access to asset diversification.

Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds The bot works fast enough, without freezing, which is good news.

For your information! Betterment has an option through which users can communicate with experts and get their opinion.

Interactive Advisors

Interactive Advisors is a popular robot for trading stocks and bonds on the stock exchange. The developers gave users the ability to choose the most suitable options from passively or actively managed portfolios created with ETFs, mutual funds, individual stocks and more. The user-friendly website makes it easy to open an account with Interactive Advisors. On the home page, you will need to click on the Asset Allocation Portfolio managed by Interactive Advisors. Next, you need to register and answer 9 questions in order to receive recommendations regarding the portfolio. The minimum investment amount is $ 1000. The strengths of the Interactive Advisors stock and bond trading robot include:

  • reliability;
  • the ability to independently set risk parameters;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • availability of a mobile application;
  • wide functionality.

Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bondsThe only drawback of the program is that the size of the deposit is too high. Otherwise, traders are satisfied with Interactive Advisors bonds.

Good to know! Asset management commission, depending on the portfolio, ranges from 0.08% to 1.50%.


Thinkorswim can automatically trade multiple stocks. The robot is based on an intelligent algorithm that scans stocks in real time and creates a screening map of stocks, according to which the most profitable options (growth leaders) in terms of profitability are automatically determined. As a rule, they show the largest increase or decrease in the current period (scan period). The advantages of Thinkorswim Robot Multi Stocks Screener include:

  • the ability to scan and filter stocks based on maximum profit / volatility;
  • reliability;
  • multifunctionality;
  • clear interface.

Judging by the feedback from traders, the bot has no significant drawbacks.
Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds


TrendSpider is a multifunctional bot. The program performs automatic analysis of trend lines. This gives the user precise control over the aggressiveness of the algorithm. Another special feature of TrendSpider is multi-timeframe analysis. This option allows you to add technical indicators and selected trendlines to the second timeframe of one chart.

Note! Traders can overlay popular indicators on the chart.

The advantages of the TrendSpider robot include:

  • clear interface;
  • the ability to quickly analyze price behavior;
  • reliability;
  • automatic analysis of the trend line.

The only thing that can be a little frustrating is the slow loading of the charts.
Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds


QuikFan is a popular bot that works according to a well-defined algorithm. If you choose the working timeframes correctly, users will always be able to gain profit, even if short-term trends mistakenly show a downward movement. At the same time, losses from capital allocated for it will be leveled out by profits from long-term trends and vice versa. No malfunctions were observed. The strengths of QuikFan include:

  • the possibility of simultaneous trading on 14 timeframes;
  • a large number of settings, which makes it possible for each merchant to adapt the program to their wishes;
  • reliability;
  • the ability to filter lateral movement using various settings.

Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bonds Among the minuses, I would like to highlight a rather complex interface and the absence of trailing stops.


QuikHunter is an impulse trading robot created by the developers for trading the most liquid stocks and futures. The program monitors and enters an impulse movement based on the dynamics of volumes and prices. Users can independently choose the direction of trade: Long / Short, Short or Long. The trading process is carried out using quick buttons: BUY and SELL. The advantages of QuikHunter, traders include:

  • the ability to simultaneously trade several shares and futures;
  • using various time frames to analyze price dynamics;
  • reliability;
  • the ability to limit losses and keep profits at a certain level.

Popular robots for trading on the global stock market - stocks, bondsThe only thing that can be a little upsetting is the lack of adaptability of the trailing stop. As for the rest, the work of the program is quite satisfactory for traders. Attack of robots – algorithmic trading in the stock market, how to make money and not lose money: https://youtu.be/YS6MrPcWMoA Developers are working day by day to create robots for trading stocks and bonds in the stock market in order to make the work of trading specialists a little easier … The abundance of programs often complicates the selection process. The rating of the best trading robots listed in the article will help you choose a reliable assistant, the use of which will allow you not only not to lose your investment, but also to increase your capital. Before proceeding with the installation of the software you like, you should familiarize yourself with its demo version.

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