Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts

Софт и программы для трейдинга

Overview of the Tradingview trading platform in Russian, how to use the Trading Viv platform, interface, charts in the terminal. Many beginners and even fairly experienced participants in exchange trading do not fully understand the importance of high-quality software and
a trading platform for trading in order to build charts and make good profits. One of the high-quality trading platforms today is the Tradingview system – it is a good, intuitive and reliable service that allows you to comfortably work with charts and analyze the market. In this article, we will consider the main features of the Trading Way platform, the interface and the first steps in working with it.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts

Tradingview: Trading Platform Overview

Understandable about the Tradingview platform.

Tradingview: what is it?

The Tradingview trading terminal is one of today’s leading browser-based platforms where you can build various charts for in-depth analysis of certain aspects of exchange trading. It has a wide range of tools for quality work, and also has a fairly large arsenal of settings that each trader can adapt to himself. Situations often occur when a bank or a brokerage agent issues a certain list of platforms on which a participant in exchange trading can conduct business, while the rest cannot be used. And often traders note that the recommended
trading terminalshave a limited number of functionalities and are not at all adapted to exchange trading. The Tradingview platform allows exchange trading participants to generate such graphic images, which are subsequently analyzed, which will be maximally personalized for each user.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts

Interesting! Tradingview is not only an exchange terminal, but also a social platform. Therefore, each user, as if in a social network, can communicate with other traders, read useful articles written by the company, and also follow the transactions of competitors and comrades.

The application provides each new user with a trial period – 30 days from the date of registration, you can use the service for free. After a month, the instruments will be blocked until the balance of the personal account receives a full payment for using the service.

Full Russian version of the Tradingview app

The developers of the service offer a choice of three subscription options for the exchange trading participant:

Name Price Additional terms
Trading View Pro $14.95 Trial free period – 30 days
TradingView Pro+ $29.95 Trial free period – 30 days
TradingView Premium $59.95 Trial free period – 30 days

You can get acquainted with the full list of advantages of a particular tariff on the official website of the trading platform – ru.tradingview.com.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts The main advantages of subscribing to the full version of the program:

  • each graphic drawing can be saved;
  • you can work with several graphic curves at once in one window (multi-window mode);
  • the absence of sponsor’s annoying ads that suddenly pop up in the process of work or close important interface windows;
  • a wide range of indicators and ready-made automated trading algorithms in unlimited quantities;
  • up-to-date news in real time for all exchanges;
  • setting any trading period for each financial instrument;
  • there are signals that the value of the asset has reached a certain level (alerts);
  • the effectiveness of the tools used can be compared;
  • current news articles, discussion chats with application users, private conversations.

Note! If you are not sure that you will like working with the platform, but want to try all the available functionality, use the free trial period of the version that suits your work style.

Russian version of the Tradingview exchange terminal

Relatively recently, the developers of the Tradingview trading platform have completed the development of the Russian version of the application.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts

Reference! You can familiarize yourself with the terms of use, as well as switch to the Russian-language Tradingview platform, on the official website ru.tradingview.com.

By translating the platform interface into Russian, the number of features and benefits has been somewhat reduced, despite the fact that from now on the platform is available not only for users who know English, and rather noticeable inconveniences have been added.

English version Russian version
A large-scale community that includes private and general chats for discussions and communication with traders, a large ideological industry We reduced the trading community, leaving private chats, there are very few ideas
Popular indicators and automated trading algorithms are written by foreign traders Russian participants in exchange trading are not engaged in development
This version provides access to all world articles and information portals Here you can find only echoes of international trading wisdom with a crooked translation and technical errors.

Otherwise, both versions are almost identical in terms of functionality and interface, the main negative difference is the reduction in the trading community.

Registration on the Tradingview platform: how to create and set up an account

To register in the program system, you should go to the official website of Tradingview, in the upper right corner there is a clickable button “Get Started” – click on it, and then click on the “Register” button.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts The system will open a questionnaire in front of the user, in which you must specify your name, email address, and come up with a password. Click “Create an account”. Ready! A free account valid for 30 days has been created.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts The following functionality of the platform is available to users of the free account:

  • viewing graphic images;
  • up to three indicators can be placed on the charts;
  • saving a graphic image (limited to 1 piece);
  • ready-made signal indicator template (1 piece);
  • one massive watchlist;
  • calculation of one indicator over another (one possibility).

The free account also shows intrusive ads from time to time, which can only be turned off by waiting for the time allotted for it to be shown, and then closed. As we found out earlier, Tradingview offers the user a choice of one of four types of personal profile:

  • free;
  • Pro;
  • Pro+;
  • premium.

Interface, indicators of the Tradingview exchange trading terminal

The program interface can be conditionally divided into 4 parts:

  1. Main menu . It includes all the main sections of the platform: graphical, trading and market modules, a service for searching stocks by specified parameters, communities, the “More” tab, which contains all the basic information about the platform and answers to frequently asked questions, a search bar and a personal profile .
  2. Editor’s Choice . One of the most valuable sections, which contains collections of relevant ideas and important articles by traders; this is a kind of social network where you can like the posts you like, comment on them and share with your friends.
  3. Exchange analysis . Here you can vary between windows and extract valuable and up-to-date information about the financial instruments of interest.
  4. Basic functions of the trading platform : notifications, news feed, calendar, public and private conversations, and more.

Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts

The principle of working with charts on the Tradingview platform

The “Chart” field is the main section of the exchange trader using the Tradingview program, where most of the time is spent. The work of a trader depends on how wide the range of tools and functionality is. On the field you can:

  • compare exchange items;
  • place indicators and save them in cloud storage; you can also download indicators generated by other traders;
  • in the paid version, you can work simultaneously with 8 active charts in one window;
  • adjust the settings for the functionality of tools, markups, alerts, etc.

Important! At first glance, the interface of the program may seem confusing, especially if you look at the workspace of other traders, but the site differs from other terminals in that it can be fully adapted to your work style.

The main part of the screen is taken by the default candlestick chart:
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts The top control panel, in turn, contains the necessary tools for working with charts:

  • teleportation between exchanges and search for currency pairs;
  • selection of the trading period and types of graphic elements;
  • a list of indicators and their ready-made templates;
  • a section where financial reporting sheets are formed;
  • square shortcut – a smaller version of your working platform (if you buy the full version of the application, the area can be divided into several parts);
  • automatic saving of all changes in the cloud storage;
  • buttons that send to the graphics settings, switch to full screen format and a camera shortcut for taking a screenshot;
  • “publish” – post a new idea or a useful article to the news feed of the Tradingview social network.

Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts   The panel on the left side is actively used during the creation of graphs. It includes all the necessary tools for this: drawing notes, text, shapes, indicators, changing the cursor, and more. https://articles.opexflow.com/analysis-methods-and-tools/figury-texnicheskogo-analiza-v-trajdinge.htm The vertical bar on the right side contains:

  • a list of prices for financial instruments that a trader has the right to change independently;
  • creating notifications;
  • tab with current news;
  • a section with information about current financial and trading instruments;
  • “market leader” – an area where trading leaders are indicated in the rating format;
  • economic (trading) calendar;
  • my ideas – a place for inspiration, notes on work;
  • Tradingview social network: includes general and private chats, news feed, ideas, broadcasts, and more;
  • exchange glass;
  • technical support of the program.

Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts The bottom panel also contains useful functions: time periods that allow you to track changes in the price module of a financial instrument over a certain period of time, time zone settings, notes, etc. How to quickly set up Trading View from scratch, an overview of the Tradingview platform: https://youtu.be/d7bVDHxFefQ

Tradingview for Mobile: Installation, Features and Interface

The Tradingview trading terminal is similar in both the browser version and the mobile version. All functionality, interface and available settings are similarly transferred from the personal computer version to a smaller version – a smartphone. The application will be convenient because the trader will be able to carry out their trading activities regardless of their location.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts You can download the program in the corresponding mobile phone OS in the play store: for Android users, this is Google Play https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tradingview.tradingviewapp&hl=ru&gl=US, and for iOS owners – App Store https://apps.apple.com/ru/app/tradingview/id1205990992https://habr.com/ru/company/tradingview/blog/132549/.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts

Social network Tradingview: ideas, scripts, broadcasts, forecasts


The idea branch is one of the sections of the social network, where various opinions, ideas, useful articles on the topic of the trading process are collected. Each user can post their ideas to the feed.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts All ideas are divided into two categories:

  1. Trading and educational . Trading ideas include ideas where possible entry points to the exchange are indicated. The name of the second group is self-explanatory – educational content includes articles and publications that contribute to the development of trading and investing skills, they also increase knowledge in this industry: risk management, rules in trading and why it is important to follow them and other important issues.
  2. Types . If you hover your mouse over the “Ideas” section, a menu will open in which all materials published in this industry are divided by topic, for example: class of financial instruments, trend analysis, graphic shapes, etc.

There is no specific format in which the material is submitted, since the social network in the terminal is not the main section, but only an additional one so that traders can exchange experiences, and in what form is everyone’s business.

Reference! The Russian version of Tradingview also has an idea branch, but there are much fewer good authors offering quality material, and those articles that were an attempt to translate from English sometimes have technical errors. However, here you can also find a quality free analysis of the market.

Trading Strategies

For users who have few indicators available on the site, an additional Pine Script function has been specially developed that allows you to create your own indicators and place them on graphic images. These scripts can be used in your work and shared with other traders using the Tradingview program.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts


Not so long ago, the developers of the service introduced an innovative and most useful function for both beginners and professional participants in exchange trading – broadcasts. The platform has launched real-time online courses from professional traders and investors. Thanks to this decision, learning the basics of trading, gaining new knowledge and skills, as well as analyzing the market has become easier.
Overview of the Tradingview trading platform: how to use, interface, charts


The title of the section speaks for itself. Here are published forecasts for market changes in the short and medium term. Tradingview – how to use the platform, overview of features, charts, indicators and training: https://youtu.be/0um8XvfxSsA Tradingview is a high-quality and reliable trading terminal that is suitable for both beginners and more experienced exchange traders. A large number of tools, the ability to customize the program for yourself, a free trial period – everything contributes to the development, promotion and user convenience.

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