The best platforms for trading in the European stock market

Софт и программы для трейдинга

Finding the best trading application for trading the European stock market is a rather difficult process. It is important to thoroughly study the functionality of the platforms you like, paying attention to their reliability, cost and reviews of other traders. Below you can find a description of the best exchange trading platforms in Europe, which are suitable for beginners and advanced professionals.

Review of the best platform applications for trading stocks / futures within the European stock market

Thanks to the efforts of the developers, the number of trading platforms is growing rapidly every day. When choosing a program, it is better to give preference to options with wide functionality. It should also be remembered that good trading platforms should provide enough computer / technical analysis tools. Below is a ranking of the most reliable apps with an accessible interface.


DEGIRO is a platform offering traders the lowest commission on the market, regardless of asset class. The web platform is well designed and easy to use.

Note! DEGIRO allows traders to invest small amounts.

The strengths of the platform include:

  • low commission;
  • availability of a mobile platform;
  • simple interface.

The best platforms for trading in the European stock market A little frustrating is the limited research tools and the lack of the ability to trade on Forex.

Program for trading on the European stock market AvaTradeGo

AvaTradeGo is the largest trading platform in Europe. Through the app, users will be able to track social trends from the community of traders. You can deposit funds directly from the program. The broad functionality and the ability to receive real-time price notifications and market quotes for CFDs on popular shares are considered significant advantages. With AvaTradeGO’s exclusive technology, market trends can be monitored in real time. The strengths of AvaTradeGo include:

  • quick and easy setup;
  • availability of the option of free deposit / withdrawal of funds;
  • Forex competitive commission;
  • wide functionality.

At the same time, platform users pay attention to the fact that the broker only offers currency / cryptocurrency / CFDs, and technical analysis on smartphones is too complicated for a beginner to quickly master. The rest of the application has no shortcomings.
The best platforms for trading in the European stock market


NinjaTrader is an excellent trading platform with advanced research tools that you can connect to any broker’s trading account. Trading and futures fees are low. NinjaTrader is great for experienced traders. The product portfolio only covers futures and futures options unless the user connects to an external brokerage account such as an Interactive Brokers account. The basic asset of a deliverable futures contract is stocks and bonds. The main advantages of the platform are low commissions, reliability and broad functionality. However, NinjaTrader users are frustrated by the high commission charged for inaction.
The best platforms for trading in the European stock market

Note! There are 2 versions of the terminal: Pro and Lite.

You can download the program for trading Ninja Trader from the official website – is a reliable platform that allows you to buy and sell stocks without commission. Traders are charged exclusively with the difference between the buy and sell price. For the transfer of the transaction to the next day, you will also have to pay a commission. Users can start trading immediately after opening an account. The strengths of the application include, first of all:

  • high-quality market analytics;
  • wide functionality (more than 3000 instruments);
  • availability of negative balance protection for private clients;
  • simple interface.

The best platforms for trading in the European stock market The lack of an investment account is considered the only drawback of this platform.


Libertex is a powerful online trading application. Using this platform, a trader will be able to trade stocks / bonds / currency pairs and other instruments. Libertex provides traders and investors with the ability to trade through an internal trading platform and the popular MetaTrader4, which automates trading strategies based on technical indicators. The benefits of the program include:

  • user-friendly interface;
  • zero spreads;
  • the possibility of replenishing the account without commission;
  • low minimum deposit – 10 euros;
  • possibility of an automatic platform.

The best platforms for trading in the European stock market The broker only offers one type of account, which is the only drawback of the application.

For your information! Libertex is regulated by CySEC and FSC.


eToro offers commission-free stock trading. The account opening process is fast. Thanks to its innovative features, the program can copy the strategies of other traders. eToro is most suitable for active specialists, because for every day of inactivity, a commission will be deducted from the trader’s account, the amount of which is $ 5. EToro’s strengths include:

  • free trading in stocks and ETFs;
  • free account opening;
  • wide functionality.

The disadvantages of the platform are the high commission for inactivity and the poor performance of customer support.
The best platforms for trading in the European stock market

For your information! Top-tier FCA and ASIC regulation is a good sign of eToro’s security.

BCS World of Investments

BCS World of Investments is considered one of the best applications for buying stocks, which combines technically advanced functionality and ease of use. The service is ideal not only for professional traders, but also for beginners. In the program, you can get acquainted with the current profile analytics and profitable investment ideas. The presence of an optimal interface allows users to create personal cases with fresh investment ideas. Among the strengths of the application are:

  • the ability to control in real time the growth of stock returns;
  • low market entry – from 1000 rubles;
  • extensive functionality;
  • original investment ideas that bring substantial income.

The best platforms for trading in the European stock market The disadvantages of the platform include the insufficiently good work of the technical support service.

Also very frustrating is the recent event related to system failures as a result of which users lost a significant part of their money.


Robinhood is a popular zero-commission app. Regulated by the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA), there is no doubt about the company’s reliability. Robinhood is the ultimate stock trading platform. The application is absolutely free to use. You will not have to pay a commission for withdrawing funds and inaction. Mobile and web trading platforms are user-friendly and well-designed. Opening an account is quick and easy. Robinhood only provides a limited selection of assets. Customer support is only available via email, so it is unlikely that you will be able to resolve your issue quickly. The set of teaching materials is small.
The best platforms for trading in the European stock marketSignificant advantages of this platform are:

  • free trading of ETF shares;
  • well-designed platform;
  • the ability to quickly open an account.

A limited range of products, few training materials, and poor customer support are the main disadvantages of Robinhood.

Note! Robinhood has lower margins than peers. Robinhood does not charge any fees for ACH withdrawals. However, wire transfers are quite expensive, with an internal wire transfer costing $ 25 and an international wire transfer costing $ 50.

XTB is the largest trading platform in Europe. The work is carried out under the supervision of several regulators at once. The interface is clear, all information is presented in an accessible way, which is especially important for novice traders. Before starting activities, you should familiarize yourself with the block of educational materials that can be found on the company’s website. Using the platform, a trader is able to trade stocks / bonds / indices / currency pairs / commodities, etc.

Note! The commission for 1 lot will be $ 4.

The strengths of the XTB platform include:

  • accessible interface;
  • wide functionality;
  • provision of quality teaching materials;
  • round-the-clock technical support;
  • simple and fast registration process;
  • quick launch of the platform;
  • availability of screening, heat maps and built-in economic calendar.

The best platforms for trading in the European stock market A bit frustrating is the impossibility of using algorithmic trading, back testing, or custom indicators.

Mobile applications for stock trading, which programs are suitable for Android and iPhone?

Developers create applications for different operating systems. The best platforms for trading in the European stock market that can be downloaded on Android are:

  • AvaTradeGo;
  • eToro;
  • NinjaTrader;
  • Libertex;
  • BCS World of Investments;
  • Robinhood

The best platforms for trading in the European stock market The most reliable trading apps in Europe suitable for iPhone are:

  • AvaTradeGo;
  • eToro;
  • NinjaTrader;
  • Libertex;
  • BCS World of Investments;
  • Robinhood

Trading applications that can be downloaded and installed on your phone: Thanks to the efforts of the developers, traders of stocks and bonds can choose the most suitable platform for trading in Europe. The applications listed in the article are the best programs for today, which delight with reliability, wide functionality and a simple interface. It is important to take a responsible approach to the process of choosing an application, having studied not only the features of the program you like, but also the reviews of other users.

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