Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategies

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OptionFVV is an Option Analyst. It did not receive such distribution as its counterparts, but nevertheless, many traders continue to actively use it to this day.

OptionFVV – what is this software

OptionVictory is an Option Analyst. In other words, OptionFVV is a special tool that is used to analyze the auction and make possible forecasts for the future. OptionFVV is used by both beginners and professional traders who specialize in the direction of options. It will most likely be difficult for beginners to quickly master this program, and simpler option analysts have been developed for them. Therefore, OptionFVV is aimed primarily at professionals.
Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategiesOption analyst OptionFVV – program interface [/ caption] This software allows you to analyze option positions of any type and kind. This can be done both in time and in space. The trader will not be able to download the program to a computer or laptop. This is due to the fact that this software is not a separate application, but an online service. Those. it can only be used on the Internet. The service is directly related to the Moscow Exchange and is focused primarily on the analysis of transactions performed within its framework. The service allows you to see quotes in real time. This, in turn, makes it possible to analyze option strategies. Moreover, this is done in the current market conditions. The service was developed by Viktor Fateev. To start the analyst, you need to go to the official website (https: //tashik.github.io / OptionVictory / there and then the current version of the software for December 23, 2021), having previously downloaded some of the files to your device.

  1. To get started, you need to enter the name of the portfolio in the appropriate column.
  2. A dropdown window will appear in front of the user. There you will need to select the underlying asset. For example, the RTS index.
  3. Then the button “Create portfolio” is pressed.
  4. Then the trader creates new positions. The required values ​​are selected from the drop-down lists.

Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategies For example, if a trader wants to create an option structure “Buy STRADL”, he will need:

  1. Create the first position (call option).
  2. Select expiration date. In this case, the stock code will be set automatically.
  3. Indicate the number of options in the next call.
  4. Press the button “add position”.
  5. Create a second position in the same way and add it to the portfolio.

Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategiesThe service allows you to make an approximate calculation of the Guarantee in rubles. In this case, the error will be no more than 5%. This is due to the fact that data from the Moscow Exchange is transmitted to the site with a slight delay in time. To make a calculation, you need to click on the “Recalculate” button. It may take several seconds while waiting for the result. OptionVictory Youtube Channel – getting started, connecting, setting up: https://youtu.be/0W08UzdwzVU


OptionFVV is equipped with built-in tools that allow you to automate the process of loading, processing and unloading financial data. The service is equipped with a built-in system for calculating many indicators. Here there is a convenient visualization of data in various slices. There is a script that allows you to display optional levels in the terminal. To obtain a stable profit on Forex and other platforms, a person must be able to enter the market with minimal risks. But this is the whole problem. Finding out the degree of risk for options is not easy. You can, of course, carry out technical analysis and listen to the opinions of various specialists, but the trader runs the risk of serious mistakes. OptionFVV automatically monitors the state of the market and displays the results of its research on the user’s screen.This allows you to reduce the risks in the transaction and increase your income.
Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategiesIt is important for a trader who deals with options to be able to correctly assess where the “big money” is going, ie understand the promising directions of transactions in time. It is not easy to do this on your own, especially if the person does not have much experience in such matters. Here, OptionFVV comes to the rescue, which is able to perform part of the routine work for a trader. The program calculates everything automatically. The trader here is only required to control its work and, if necessary, make adjustments to the settings. Well-designed analytics is considered a key point in achieving success for the financial sharks of the market. Professionals, unlike beginners, try to use as much software as possible in their work. This not only frees them from a number of routine operations, but also increases the accuracy of research.Accordingly, this increases their income. In such events, you will not be able to do without programs such as OptionFVV. An option analyst allows you to determine in time the optimal points for entering the market and the time of closing profitable positions.

How to download and install OptionFVV

It should be noted here that the program does not need to be installed on a computer or laptop. The point is, this is an online service, not an app. In order to start using the OptionFVV functionality, you need to download the files on the site to your device, unpack them on your computer or laptop and run the executable. You can download all versions of OptionFVV on the official website https://tashik.github.io/OptionVictory/ Run the
Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategiesdownloaded file as administrator [/ caption] only strictly follow the instructions that the system will offer. As practice shows, the whole process takes no more than 5-10 minutes. Here it is only important that the device has a stable Internet connection.
Schematic of the interaction of KVIKand OptionFVV:
Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategiesIf the signal is lost during the process, it may cause system errors. In this case, the installation will most likely have to start over. Installing OptionVictory, connecting, setting up a connection with Quick and the file system – in detail in the manual, which can be downloaded below the link:
OptionVictory manual OptionVictory (OptionFVV): creating strategies, monitoring and analyzing strategy diagrams, board and diagram: https: // youtu .be / ahYrgS2n85Q


The program is freely available. Downloading it does not involve additional financial investments from the user. The only thing for a trader to be able to use some functions will have to buy an additional paid subscription. Detailed information on prices and offers can be found on the official website of the developer ..


  • confident trading;
  • efficiency;
  • professionalism;
  • ample opportunities;
  • saving;
  • Support service.

OptionFVV is also open source: https://github.com/tashik/OptionVictory
Option analyst OptionFVV: functionality, settings, strategies

Assessment in work

According to reviews, OptionFVV will help you perform better options analysis, which in turn increases your income. Only professionals could deal with the program on the fly. For beginners, it turned out to be somewhat difficult. But if desired, OptionFVV can also be figured out by novice traders. It is only important here that you have at least basic knowledge of options. If a trader starts his journey “from scratch”, he simply will not understand the meaning of the data that the program displays on his screen. Accordingly, the whole point of its use is lost. In all other cases, OptionFVV allows you to automate routine operations and increase the trader’s performance. In this case, the program will perform half of the actions for him. It remains only to monitor the correctness of its work and, if necessary, make the appropriate changes.OptionVictory (OptionFVV): What If Scenario: https://youtu.be/i12FN7jWieE OptionFVV allows traders to improve their performance. The program is not as complicated as it might seem at first glance, but to use it, you need at least basic knowledge of the specifics of the market. For professional traders, OptionFVV can be an effective tool to increase their income.

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