Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization

Софт и программы для трейдинга

Most traders who want to increase their own money savings use special trading platforms in their activities. Libertex is considered to be one of the most popular
trading platforms , which is suitable for both beginners and more experienced traders. Below you can familiarize yourself with the advantages and disadvantages of this application, as well as study the features of installing and configuring the trading and investment software Libertex.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization

Description of the trading terminal Libertex

Libertex is a unique trading platform that works seamlessly in any web browser. The software interface is intuitive. Transactions are executed quickly enough. The basic principle of trading on the platform is as follows: the result of the transaction changes in proportion to the price of the underlying asset on which the transaction is based. Libertex operates in 27 countries and has clients in 110 jurisdictions. Users will be able to master the features of using the trading and investment platform in just a few minutes. The developers have made sure that newcomers have the opportunity to receive a large number of tips that make it easy to install and configure the Libertex trading terminal, as well as in the future to successfully choose the most profitable deals. To start trading stocks and bonds,the trader will need to take care of the registration in the online terminal, or downloading Libertex to the iOS / Android smartphone. For effective money management, experts advise using the multiplier function, which is set at the moment when a deal is opened. The multiplier is a value that determines how the outcome of a trade will change relative to the price of the underlying asset.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization The list of possible assets available to a trader includes not only stocks, but also:

  • currencies;
  • indices;
  • metals;
  • agricultural products;
  • bonds.

When choosing an investment instrument, experts advise paying attention to its status, which can be popular / growth leader / fall leader.

For your information! In the lower area of ​​the monitor, live news will be displayed online.

The main features of the Libertex platform include:

  • 9 types of timeframes for charts (from 1 minute to 1 month);
  • 43 technical indicators, including 22 trend indicators, 13 oscillators and 8 volatility indicators;
  • 3 types of charts and 73 drawing tools;
  • current quotes, market sentiment indicator for each instrument and the ability to create a list of selected assets;
  • the ability to manage orders with the history of transactions, account balance, TP, SL and pending orders;
  • the presence of a Live Trades section with news and signals;
  • the ability to review the market leaders at any time in the sections: Maximum growth / Maximum fall / Maximum level of volatility.

The News section is updated daily and contains from one to four articles, which, among other things, cover current events, market reviews and analysis by professionals, as well as important information about the stock markets.

Note! Traders using the Libertex platform are not able to open multiple charts at the same time.

Registration and installation of Libertex

To start working with the Libertex platform, the user will need to go to the main website and register. Registration and access to the Libertex personal account takes place at the link
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customizationNovice traders can familiarize themselves with the peculiarities of trading stocks and bonds on this platform. To do this, you need to go to the training category, which contains 30 video tutorials. Having watched these video files, traders will be able to study the peculiarities of working with the software and learn how to choose the right trading tactics. To conduct trading operations, you must first of all take care of creating a personal Libertex account. To proceed to the registration process, users will need to click on the button located in the upper right corner. After that, a special form will open, the fields of which should be filled in with personal reliable information so that in the future the trader does not have problems with identification. The user will need to fill in the information by displaying:

  • e-mail;
  • password;
  • name;
  • surname;
  • cell phone number;
  • country of residence;
  • town;
  • date of birth.

Next to the field “I agree to the processing of data”, you must put a tick and click on the line “Opening a trading account”. This completes the registration process.

Note! To save time, experts advise registering through Facebook / Vkontakte.

Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization

For your information! After making the initial deposit, it will be necessary to upload identity and residence documents for verification. Newly registered accounts usually take 3 business days to process.

How to trade in the Libertex trading terminal

Trading on the Libertex platform is quite simple. The user needs to click on the corresponding button (Buy / Sell), after which a transition will be made to another screen, where he will need to enter the transaction amount and set the multiplier. Convenient charts and detailed statistics will inform the trader about the recent value of each asset.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customizationThe loading of the pages is fast and the navigation is simple, which undoubtedly makes the trading process easier. The deal is opened in real time, after which a commission is charged. The trader independently sets a stop order that notifies the broker at what moment it is possible to buy / sell stocks and bonds.
Leverage– 1: 100. The risk of losing your investment is quite low. There is no possibility of trading through robots on Libertex. If a trade brings a small amount of profit in several points, then it will be impossible to close it. In cases of failure, the trader will only lose the investment amount, and not all the funds that are on the deposit.

Libertex mobile application – where to download the Libertex app and how to install

All links to the Libertex mobile application for all popular devices can be found at
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customizationBy installing the Libertex mobile application, users will be able to access the market and earn money without being tied to a stationary PC. Traders who have connected the mobile application can trade stocks and bonds and be fully mobile at the same time.

For smartphones

By going to the website, everyone can download Libertex mobile software for a smartphone.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization


In cases where a trader uses a smartphone based on the Apple operating system, to download the application, you will need to go to the App Store. The performance of the software has been improved by the developers. Working with the platform is quite simple.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization


Owners of smart smartphones based on Android OS should go to the Play Store to install the Libertex mobile application. After registration, the trader can replenish the account (amount from $ 100) and receive a welcome bonus, the size of which will be equal to the amount of the replenishment made.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization

For tablets

Owners of electronic tablets also have the opportunity to install a special version of Libertex.


By installing Libertex software for iPad, traders can:

  • quickly switch to trading stocks and bonds (by going through just a few steps);
  • receive a cash reward for registration, the amount of which is $ 5,000;
  • undergo training using the demo version in order to master the features of working with the platform;
  • open a real account and start trading immediately, which is especially important for professional traders.


Owners of tablets based on Android OS will also be able to appreciate the advantages of the Libertex HD mobile application. The software interface is intuitive, tips and signals coming in during the work with the platform help to successfully trade. Detailed information is provided for each transaction. Users can use popular tools with detailed statistics.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization

Setting up a trading terminal

As part of the operation of the Libertex platform, users have access to options that allow them to ensure the competent and well-organized operation of the system. Using the Libertex platform settings enables traders to:

  • choose the level of profitability;
  • determine the maximum risk;
  • analyze the duration of the investment.

Demo version

The Libertex demo account is analogous to the real platform. Using this tool, users have the opportunity to train with real money without risking their own funds. The advantages of the demo version include the ability to:

  • free use;
  • training on the same functionality as for the real version;
  • using a full-fledged set of exchange tools, each of which can be tested in operation;
  • the absence of personal risks for their own funds, thanks to which each trader can try his hand.

Experts strongly recommend using a demo account, especially if a trader is a beginner and is just starting to trade in the stock market. This will help you become familiar with the financial markets, build a solid knowledge base and acquire the necessary skills to become a profitable trader. Using a demo account, you can learn how to trade effectively without risking your hard earned money. The demo version is also a useful tool for advanced traders, as everyone will need to improve trading strategies or test new ones at a certain stage. It is advisable to test new instruments and options on a demo account before using them on a real one. This precaution can save money and avoid bad luck. To open a demo account, a trader will need:

  • click on the button Open a demo account;
  • fill in the information in a special form;
  • receive and read the confirmation letter;
  • go to your personal account Libertex;
  • enter personal data.

The necessary documentation for traders and investors on the platform can be found at the link below:
Libertex platform After that, the trader can use the demo version and evaluate the advantages of this platform.

Interesting to know! A virtual account of $ 5,000 is provided free of charge for training operations. e.

Libertex trading platform – how to trade and earn in minutes:

Commissions and spreads

Trading costs will depend on the level of the user’s account status. It should be borne in mind that accounts with large deposits have a higher status level. Discounts on commissions and spreads in this case will be significant:

  • 3% – gold level;
  • 4% – Gold Plus;
  • 20% Platinum
  • 30% – VIP level.

Note! The size of the commission will vary depending on whether the trader is trading on the MT4 trading platform or using the proprietary Libertex trading platform for this purpose.

It should be borne in mind that in cases of inactivity of the user for 120 calendar days, a fee will be charged from the account, the amount of which will reach 10 euros (every month). Spreads for all CFD products are zero. Traders have the opportunity to trade efficiently without a gap between the order and the requested price.

Deposits and withdrawals

Traders can choose the most suitable method of depositing funds into the deposit account: credit cards / bank transfers / Neteller / Skrill / MasterCard / PayPal / SEPA. Visa / Mastercard deposits are processed instantly. The size of the minimum deposit in this case will be equal to 100 euros, and the maximum – 5000 $. If you transfer money by bank transfer, the processing will take 3-5 days. The minimum replenishment amount is $ 10, and the maximum one is $ 100,000,000. It only takes 24 hours to process a Skrill top-up application. The user can deposit $ 100-1500. In this case, no commission will be charged. Neteller deposits will be instant and free. The trader does not have to wait for processing. The minimum deposit is 100 euros, and the maximum is $ 5,000.You can withdraw funds through the web platform or mobile application. In the first case, you will need to click on the Withdrawal tab, and in the second, go to the Wallet category and click on the Withdrawals tab. If funds are withdrawn from a Visa / Mastercard, then a commission will be charged from the user for the transaction, the amount of which is 1 euro. The application will be processed no more than 5 days.
Libertex trading platform review: functionality, interface, customization

Advantages and disadvantages

Libertex, like any other platform, has both advantages and disadvantages. The strengths of Libertex include:

  • intuitive interface;
  • the ability to trade derivative CFDs with a commission of 0% on certain assets;
  • quick registration;
  • high speed of work;
  • no time limit in the demo version;
  • reliability;
  • hassle-free withdrawal of funds;
  • a large line of instruments from classic to modern;
  • a high degree of security of personal and financial data;
  • a wide range of payment methods;
  • no commission for depositing funds;
  • availability of a mobile application.

Only the absence of technical indicators like Bollinger bands and MACD can be a little upsetting
. For your information! Users have the option to connect their Libertex trading accounts to MT4 or MT5 and trade assets online, on desktop or mobile trading platforms.


Libertex takes safety aspects very seriously. This is why the regulatory body is the legislation of the Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission. In addition, the company contributes to the Investor Compensation Fund (ICF). Thus, in the event of a problem of insolvency, ICF will cover the deposit amount up to $ 26,000. The platform is now secured with 128-bit SSL encryption.

Support service

Libertex offers multilingual customer support from 9:00 am to 9:00 pm (EEST). You can contact the specialists for help via chat / Whatsapp / email / phone / Facebook Messenger. The broker’s website also has a detailed FAQ section that deals with issues related to trading operations. Libertex is a trusted trading platform for stocks and bonds. The conditions are quite favorable, so the software is perfect for both beginners and more experienced traders. However, in order to be successful, the trader will need to study the platform education materials that can be found on the broker’s website.

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