How to choose a robot for trading in the US stock and foreign exchange market

Торговые роботы

Trading robots are computer programs and applications that trade on an exchange on behalf of a living person. This allows the trader to increase the amount of free time by transferring the autonomous buy and sell functions to the robot. Thanks to technological progress and the development of the investment market, even novice investors can appreciate the benefits of these programs.
How to choose a robot for trading in the US stock and foreign exchange market The principle of operation of trading bots is to monitor the exchange, recognize investment opportunities (breakout, reversal, momentum), after which they conclude a deal. Types of trading programs:

  • averaging devices;
  • indicator;
  • mesh.

Important! When using grid robots, there is no technical analysis of transactions, therefore, to cover the risk, the investor must have at least $ 1,000 on his account.

Advantages and disadvantages of trading robots for stock trading

Presented in the table:

pros Minuses
High speed of data analysis No “human factor” in the transaction Easy testing of the investment strategy; The ability to trade on several accounts at once. High risks; Expensive and difficult to use; The presence of fraudsters and “dummies” on the market; The need for an Internet connection.

There are several popular and reliable robots that can be used to trade in the US market.

Trading bot for USA Abi

Popular software with a large number of users. Well suited for beginners with a small portfolio in the analysis and selection of deals. Application is possible in foreign exchange and stock markets. The robot has a large number of indicators that analyze the exchange and increase the effectiveness of transactions. After registration, a test mode is available, which allows you to get acquainted in detail with the functions and capabilities of the resource.
How to choose a robot for trading in the US stock and foreign exchange market Provided modes:

  1. Classic . Designed for people who are not ready to take risks. It is considered the safest investment.
  2. Martingale . Determined to take profit quickly with risk. Typically, an increase in the rate in the event of a losing trade is aimed at compensating for the lost funds.
  3. Fibonacci . This mode is characterized by high accuracy of the transaction, in which the risk of loss of investments is minimized.

In addition to the standard functions, it is possible to customize the work according to the characteristics:

  • Expiration time – from 30 seconds to 5 minutes;
  • Transaction amount – from 5 to 500 dollars;
  • Selection of currency pairs;
  • The number of transactions executed simultaneously;
  • Algorithm for selecting deals;
  • Selection of tools and indicators.

Advantages and disadvantages of the program:

pros Minuses
Doesn’t require downloading additional files; Fast registration; A wide range of brokers; No additional commission; Possibility to choose the Russian language; Extensive settings; Simple to use; Efficiency. Lack of automatic shutdown in case of a large number of failures; Mandatory registration; The need for a stable Internet connection;  

Bitcoin era

The era of Bitcoin is an automatic robot designed to profit from changes in the cryptocurrency rate. The software is free to use, but the minimum investment capital required is around $ 250. The work is fully automated, that is, it does not require human intervention after launch and configuration.
How to choose a robot for trading in the US stock and foreign exchange market

Important! Even after setup, it is necessary to track the transactions performed by the program on behalf of the user.

The principle of operation is to connect to crypto brokers, scan the market and auto-deal. To do this, you must first register on the robot’s website, replenish your account and configure the program’s functions. The site’s algorithms independently track the rate of the cryptocurrency and are able to complete transactions in a split second. This significantly saves the user’s time, since it does not require independent viewing of the state of the exchange. An important feature. service is the availability of a support service that provides assistance to customers around the clock. The user can choose one of the proposed currencies for earning. Possible examples:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ripple;
  • Litecoin;
  • Ethereum.

The withdrawal period is on average 24 to 36 hours. As a method of payment and withdrawal, the service supports:

  • MasterCard;
  • Visa;
  • PayPal;
  • Neteller;
  • Skrill and many others.

Also, before replenishing your account, you can use the demo version of the program. This allows you to test the robot and familiarize yourself with the functions before attachments. Advantages and disadvantages:

pros Minuses
High level of security; Small minimum investment amount; High-frequency trading system; Variety of payment methods; Software pre-test function; No additional download required. Outdated design; Using CFD brokers; Lack of a mobile application; The need for registration; Investment is possible only in cryptocurrency.


This robot assistant was developed in 2014 for crypto trading. This software uses external and internal arbitration, allowing you to increase income on the difference in exchange rates. The interface displays the order book and is connected to a large number of indicators. There are 4 types of trading robots on the platform:

  1. A bot for trading on a crypto exchange . The user can customize the indicators used and the conditions for entering the exchange.
  2. A bot for applying an arbitrage strategy . Aimed at simultaneous tracking of the course in various markets.
  3. “Order bot” , customizable by the user for the specifics of the conditions of the exchange. It is used as a backup “insurance” method, inactive at normal times.
  4. “Script bot” suitable for people with programming skills, as this kind needs to be completely preprogrammed. The advantage of the bot is the absence of restrictions in the operation of the software.

How to choose a robot for trading in the US stock and foreign exchange market The cost depends on the access level purchased by the user. The level is determined by the variant of the license for trading algorithms. Licenses existing on the platform (valid for 3 months):

  • “Initial” – 0.046 BTC;
  • “Simple” – 0.073 BTC;
  • “Advanced” – 0.11 BTC.

The difference between licenses is the presence or absence of restrictions on the number of bots used simultaneously. For example, “Initial” access allows you to work only on 2 bots at the same time. Advantages and disadvantages of the program:

pros Minuses
Popular exchanges; A large number of altcoins; Flexible and wide settings; Possibility of self-programming of the robot; Functionality; Fast support service; Popularity. Unstable work of the resource; Investments are only possible in cryptocurrency; High license cost in comparison with analogs; Complexity of use; Not suitable for beginners; Failure to renew the license.

Golden Profit Auto

An Expert Advisor using the automatic Martingale system. For this reason, this bot is popular with novice traders. In case of a losing trade, the lot is doubled. Also, the system does not use the traditional grid of transactions, which makes it possible to exclude a large drawdown of the deposit.

Important! The bot conducts bids for the entire amount of the account. To avoid draining the deposit, you need to monitor the work of the program, accounts and change the parameters.

Available software versions:

  • Golden Profit Auto No. 1;
  • Golden Profit Auto No. 2;
  • Golden Profit Auto 3.0.

How to choose a robot for trading in the US stock and foreign exchange market The first version was released back in 2008. The most relevant at the moment is the program released in 2016. You can use the service by creating a cent or dollar account. The minimum deposit amount in the first case (preferably) is $ 20. The recommended amount of funds for an account in dollars is from $ 1,000 to $ 2,000. The same amount can be invested in euros. Both currencies are supported by the program. Available app settings:

  • MultiLotsFactor allows you to increase the lot factor. The recommended parameter is 1.5;
  • Lots – setting the lot parameter. The recommended value is 0.01;
  • MaxCountOrders sets the maximum number of open orders;
  • SafeEquity – a mode that determines the possible level of risk in transactions;
  • Slippage allows you to set the maximum possible slippage;
  • Standard parameters are Stop Loss, Take Profit, TrailStop, TrailStart.

Any settings have recommended values, but their use is individual for each user. It is also possible to optimize them for market conditions. To use the program, you must first install it on your computer. The Expert Advisor can be downloaded for free on the Internet as an archive.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Golden Profit Auto

pros Minuses
Extensive number of parameters; Reliability; No restrictions on the choice of a broker; Work can start from $ 20; Automatic and manual modes. Outdated design; The risk of losing your deposit if the setting is incorrect; The need to change parameters and optimize; The need to install the program on a computer.

GL 2ma

Despite the popularity of the Martingale method, its use comes with a certain risk. The GL 2ma robot uses a market tracking system based on technical indicators. This increases the security and stability of the program in comparison with analogs. The bot is suitable even for novice traders due to its simple setup and low minimum deposit. The recommended amount on the account is $ 100 or 1000 cents, depending on the type of account. Available currencies and currency pairs:

  • Euro;
  • Dollar;
  • Lb;
  • Canadian dollar;
  • Yen.

How to choose a robot for trading in the US stock and foreign exchange market

On a note! Experienced traders supplement the robot with confirming oscillators, thereby increasing the accuracy of the indicators.

Recommended initial trading parameters of the bot:

  • The minimum lot is 0.01;
  • Platform – MT 4;
  • Timeframe – М15;
  • Leverage – 1: 300.

The program uses one indicator in its work. This characteristic has a positive effect on the number of transactions, as well as on the possible profit. According to statistics, in automatic mode, the bot performs from 6 to 10 transactions per day (the software does not work at night), which can bring the user up to 200% per annum. The program is distinguished by a quick reaction to changes in the exchange rate, but delays are not excluded. By increasing the time frame, you can stabilize the robot by reducing the number of transactions. The GL 2ma is easy to use for beginners due to its easy setup and installation. To work you need:

  1. Pre-download the software (you can find the files on the official website of the robot).
  2. Reload the trading terminal.
  3. Find the program in the list of applications and select it.

Setting up a bot is just as easy. There are only 2 main parameters:

  1. “Per” , which allows you to select a specific pair of moving averages. Increasing the value expands the analysis of the value graph. The default parameter is 100. A parameter value above 200 may decrease the speed of the program.
  2. “Shift” , which determines the distance between the moving averages. The recommended values ​​are from 5 to 10. The default ones are 7.

After installing and configuring these parameters, the program will be ready to use and will be able to generate income. You can use the bot on both real and virtual accounts of the selected broker.

GL 2ma advantages and disadvantages

pros Minuses
Suitable for beginners; Low minimum deposit amount; Free to download and use; Easy setup and installation; Controlled losses; Stable work. Not suitable for flat; The need for manual control; No stop loss and take profit; Lack of trading at night; A small percentage per annum.

Trading robots make life much easier and save time for investors. But, it is important to pay attention to the choice of service. In addition to quality websites and applications, there are a large number of fraudulent resources. It is equally important to control the work of even automated bots. Correctly selected settings and monitoring transactions will increase profits and avoid large losses.

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