Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock market

Торговые роботы

Trading robots are artificial intelligence, executed in a software format, that independently sell certain securities.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketRecently, financial market trends have become more severe, but technology is also not standing still. Indeed, today there are a large number of services that help newbie investors to join this area, while simultaneously starting to feel their first earnings. On the main financial exchange Forex, you can use a trading robot that will help you understand the algorithms and learn some of the tricks of the trade.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock market

What is the point of trading robots

An exchange trading participant who, in the course of his work, wants to use a robot for trading, pursues the goal of automating his trading and reducing the time spent on monitoring his profit charts and the financial market as a whole. And at the same time, artificial intelligence is able to monitor the exchange around the clock.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketSome trading robots are programmed to track from a couple of exchanges to many dozen. An intraday exchange trader cannot view such an amount of resources at a time without undermining the effectiveness of the previously outlined plan. Artificial intelligence uses it to accomplish several tasks. The programmers who create robots themselves determine the functionality of the product being developed. The advantage of using this tool is that even on a volatile and complex exchange, you can sell according to the plan, without being influenced by extraneous factors.

TOP-6 best trading robots for working on the international FOREX exchange

In the financial Forex market, there are many artificial intelligences designed for trades that engage in passive trading. However, the main catch is that the programmers who develop them are claiming generous financial returns, which, unfortunately, are often unverifiable. In order not to get lost among the large selection of robots for Forex trading, we propose to consider the 6 most popular and honest options that will help you understand this area, learn how to work in it and take some responsibilities on yourself.

For 2021, the eToro platform is the most relevant and used among novice traders. Founded in 2006, the site, founded in 2006, has quickly gained an audience participating in exchange transactions thanks to its lucrative promotions and offers.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketToday the robot has more than 10,000,000 customers, and it is available for use in more than 150 countries around the globe.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketAdvantages of the eToro platform:

  • an online broker controlled by the Cyprus Securities Commission;
  • convenient and intuitive interface;
  • free virtual account.


  • some currencies are accepted only for deposit;
  • if the client does not use the robot for a long time and withdraws funds, a fee will be charged from him.

Admiral Markets – Simple and Convenient Trading Intelligence for a Forex Exchange with Multiple Trading Platforms

The Admiral Markets trading robot was founded back in 2001, but it has become the most relevant and popular only in the last few years. He is a member of the TOP Forex brokers, offers various assets to his international clients.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketThe online broker is controlled and licensed by leading financial institutions and the international Cypriot commission, which guarantees the provision of secure services. This site provides its services to traders of all levels around the globe. The service also offers several training courses for beginners to help them get into finance, build their strategy, and move forward with confidence. There are also educational materials for advanced participants in exchange trading, so that they can pump their knowledge and acquire new skills. Clients using the Admiral trading robot can create a virtual account. Thus, they get the opportunity to learn more about the financial market and gain valuable experience without putting their income at risk. Another main advantage of the trading platform is the mobile application,compatible with iOS and Android OS, which can be installed from any game store or browser. Admiral Markets Advantages:

  • you can create a virtual demo account and get acquainted with the field of finance without the risk of losing real profit;
  • educational and training materials;
  • several trading platforms;
  • a program installed on a mobile device.


  • complex design of a mobile application;
  • there is no wallet available.

Learn2Trade – a robot for trading on semi-automatic control

Learn2Trade is a Forex signal provider with its origins in London. Today the Learn2Trade trading robot is used by more than half a million people around the world. This service is primarily an educational platform that helps a beginner to delve into the field of finance. Learn2Trade provides a large number of video tutorials and lectures designed for novice traders. Professional participants in exchange trading are also not deprived: there is also a lot of useful content for them.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketLearn2Trade advantages:

  • a large amount of educational and free content;
  • simple interface and friendly user service.


  • Forex signals are paid;
  • the complexity and design of the program is burdened by the fact that only English is used.

1000pip Climber – a robot for trading on the Meta Trader 4 platform

If you are looking for a fully automated trading robot for Forex or Meta Trader 4, consider the AI ​​1000pip Climber. The service operates in conjunction with the six major currencies in the country, analyzed by 15-minute, hourly and four-hour pricing charts.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketAdvantages of 1000pip Climber:

  • high declared profit for 3 years;
  • the robot is fully configured;
  • easy to install and download to PC.


  • paid program – $ 97;
  • the performance of the robot is not supported by any evidence;
  • funds are not refundable.

Forex Fury – the best robot advisor for trading on the Forex platform

Forex Fury is a popular developer of trading robots that deals exclusively with the financial market, analyzes it and creates artificial intelligence according to the relevant requirements. It also operates on the Meta Trader 4 and 5. Forex Fury offers its strategic plan based on trading one hour a day on one currency pair.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketThe service notes that the results of its activities can be found on the Myfxbook website.

Like the above program, Forex Fury is a paid trading robot, there is no free demo version, and no refunds are provided initially.

The cost of a trading robot starts at $ 230 and more, depending on the version and its functionality. Standard Artificial Intelligence includes a single account license, regular information updates, and a lifetime membership. To use more than two robots or have multiple accounts, you will have to fork out for a more advanced “Diamond” robot. Advantages of Forex Fury:

  • quick and easy process of loading and unpacking the robot;
  • clear interface;
  • winning rate over 93%;
  • Forex Fury is compatible with the Meta Trader 4 and 5 trading platforms.


  • no free trial;
  • high cost compared to other robots on the Forex platform.

Crypto Rocket – a program to combine a trading robot with high limits for a loan

Crypto Rocket is not an artificial intelligence for trading, but rather a program that offers high limits for a loan. The service works well in conjunction with Meta Trader 4, so you can use the artificial intelligence you like with the help of the trusted Crypto Rocket provider.

Looking at the terms of the Crypto Rocket, the program notes that it offers full support for third-party trading robots.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketCrypto Rocket Advantages:

  • convenient service with support for any trading robots;
  • analyzes the financial markets of cryptocurrencies, the international Forex exchange and the exchange of various stocks and indices;
  • you can withdraw funds on the very first day;
  • compatibility with the Meta Trader platform.

Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock market Disadvantages:

  • payment is accepted only in bitcoins;
  • a provider offering high credit limits does not offer artificial intelligence or automated robots of its own.

Opinion about trading robots for algorithmic trading, do they work:

3 best trading robots for working on international exchanges

Pips Multi Plus is a robot advisor for working on the Meta Trader 4 and 5 platform

The essence of artificial intelligence lies in the fact that it uses the extremum of the past day, that is, trading is carried out according to the principle of Forex 10 pips + Martingail, only the most relevant and demanded combinations are used as currency pairs. The trading robot also uses the Martingale strategy, so brokers recommend choosing a slot carefully and analyzing your deposit adequately.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock market

Remember! The robot for trading Pips Multi Plus trades several currency pairs at once, the risks of which the trader makes independently, the site provides only recommendations and advice.

Advantages of Pips Multi Plus:

  • the service is free;
  • trades several currency pairs at once.


  • the robot interface is in English only;
  • complex design.

Crazy Lock is a trading robot for professionals trading on Meta Trader 4

The strategy of this robot advisor has been proven and professional for many years. A beginner who only delves into the field of finance will not cope with it, but an experienced trader will understand it well. Crazy Lock is actively increasing the lot of sales, so the risks of losing your deposit are the highest here.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketThe robot functions properly on the Meta Trader 4 platform, errors and malfunctions may occur on version 5. Meta Trader 4 advantages:

  • professional profitable strategy;
  • the robot is free.


  • high risks of losing the deposit;
  • it is difficult to understand the functionality of the robot advisor.

Cryptohopper is the leading trading robot in the automated trading category

Cryptohopper is the world’s leading automated trading robot. This artificial intelligence is the only bot on the programming market that implements external signals. They allow exchange participants to take possession of the elements that develop along with the cryptocurrency space. The robot works well with the international Binance platform.
Trading robots for trading in Europe on Forex, crypto-exchanges, stock marketCryptohopper Advantages:

  • simple design and clear control panel;
  • the robot is fully automated;
  • integrates external signals into work.


  • paid.

Trading robots are convenient and practical services that help both beginners and professional exchange trading participants to automate their trading plans. They take on a certain part of the tasks for which traders and investors do not have enough time. Beginners who have only a small understanding of the field of finance and trade in it may not bother with the development of artificial intelligence, but go the simpler way – to acquire a ready-made and reliable assistant. Some services that have the ability to open virtual accounts offer users to try out their strategies without the risk of losing real income. Such actions really save time and allow you to move forward faster, because it is truly difficult to find a worthwhile strategy.

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