We set the task of writing a simple robot

I will tell you as if you had learned about programming for the first time. Let’s start with the problem and step by step we will approach its solution. The first thing you need to know in programming is to describe the problem. Let’s say we want to write a trading robot that will 1. Buy one stock (without logic, randomly) 2. When buying a stock, it will set stop loss and take profit in a given percentage. * Stop loss is a loss limit. The price went against you, you sell the stock to limit losses. The price went in your direction and when this price is reached, you sell the stock to take the profit. Hence the name. And in fact, this is the closing of the transaction in both cases. And here you are, what? Yes, I’m talking about programming in the tooth with my foot. Okay, as long as it doesn’t matter. I just described the problem, then we are looking for a solution. In fact, there are many solutions. Most trading terminals already know how to use this logic and you can even find ready-made scripts. But it’s not interesting. There is no room for creativity and no room for the bells and whistles you want. We will go the other way, we will connect to the broker and do it directly. For this we need: 1.
An account with a broker, for example, tinkoff (for those who register using the link, a bonus is a month of trading without commission). 2.
nodejs 17+ 3.
Git 4.
Github account 5. Write code 1. Broker account
register. Next, open
an investment account , it can open in the region of 1-2 days. So do it right away. 2,3,4. Install nodejs version 17 or higher, git, github. This shouldn’t be a problem. After completing these steps, you should check the versions of these programs on the command line. 5. The only thing left to do)) What’s interesting, I was thinking and getting ready, and suddenly bam – a competition from Tinkoff Bank about creating a trading robot. Now all forces are thrown there. https://github.com/Tinkoff/invest-robot-contest Later I’ll tell you how and what I did.

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