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A series of videos about life with capital. Today we will discuss dividend strategies. Is it possible to spend only dividends, or is it worth focusing on the total profit: both growth and dividends? Is it possible to gradually sell assets to generate passive income? How stable are dividends? What is the dividend rate for the broad stock market today? You can support the channel on Patreon: For sponsors of the second level, I publish additional information (texts, statistics, interesting facts). For subscribers of the third level, I answer questions in Telegram. A one-time donation can be made by transferring to the card 5536 9138 0537 8086 Communication in Telegram: Thank you! I also recommend looking at: Uncompensated risk – Growth or dividends – Answering dividend investors – Sources: From assets to income: A goals-based approach to retirement spending:An analysis of dividendoriented equity strategies: 00:00 Introduction 00:39 Highly dividend stocks 01:26 Piggy bank 03:15 Fund 04:14 Selling assets all our lives 06:21 Why, if there are dividends? 09:09 No guarantees 11:07 Outcome # shares # stock market # investments

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