OpexLens: “Capture” of the Channel Point G: interview with Oleg Artishuk

Oleg Artishuk is the creator and host of the Point G YouTube channel about IT business. Since 2016, he has been interviewing entrepreneurs and industry specialists, in which he reveals already known and new projects, investment topics and trends in the IT business. For five years, the channel has released more than 200 stories, which have collected 14 million views and a permanent audience of 181 thousand viewers. ______ ISSUE PARTNER: ⇢ Leadbit is an international partner network ______ In this issue, a seriously frivolous raider seizure of the channel took place in order to give Oleg a break from interviewing, and also to reveal the secret of the success of the Point G channel. You will learn how to run a Youtube channel in great detail: how to choose a niche, what technique to start with, how to prepare to communicate with guests, how much to invest in advertising and how much you can earn in the end. There will also be insightswhich no one else will tell you about: four ways to get a beer glass from any establishment in the world, why the first 100k subscribers are like first love, why is Oleg right, not Alekh, and how much is Oleg Artishuk ready to sell his channel for. But, seriously, we will learn better why Oleg is the way he is, we will understand him as a person. ≣ Part of the release for all sponsors ≣ Sponsorship (UPD: does not open in all regions. If there is no information on the link, you need to use a VPN) _______ Timeline: 00:00 Raider capture of the “Point G” channel 04:33 The first difficult question of the release 04:56 How Oleg started his career in entrepreneurship 07:14 The first money on the Internet: sports betting, site directories, consultations 14:06 How the idea of ​​creating a Youtube channel “Point G // how to make money in IT” 16:58 “Made the first issues and scored for half a year ”18:45 Artyom repays debt 19:29 How Oleg rocked the channel 22:46 The first 100 thousand subscribers and how many I would like 25:03 Why Oleg does not invite stars to the episodes 25:24 On popularity and star fever 27:29 how much does “Point G” earn 31:20 “Advertising negatively affects recommendations on Youtube” 34:16 How much is Oleg ready to sell the channel 35:40 About tags and likes on the channel 39:27 Why there are no more contests in the episodes 41:00 About hobbies Oleg 43:56 What KPIs of the channel 47:28 How to collect beer glasses – instructions from an expert 50:24 Travel tips from Oleg 51:59 Million video views – how much money is 53:19 How to choose a niche for a YouTube channel – Oleg’s advice 55:14 What channels does Oleg watch 56:56 Technique. Budget for the start of filming 1:02:17 Cost of one viewing on Youtube 1:03:19 Preparing questions for the interview 1:05:43 Will “G-spot” be in English 1:07:19 One more advice from Oleg how to promote the channel 1:10:01 What do you need to create an episode? 1:10:48 Advertising of the channel at the start 1:14:34 The audience of the Tochka G channel 1:15:20 Oleg’s other hobby is football 1:18:30 About sponsors, who they are and what they get – paid subscription to channel 1 : 22: 50 Interviews that did not come out 1:25:51 About plans for the future 1:26:53 How to become a guest of the G-Spot channel 1:28:55 Announcement about partnership 1:30:45 About investments 1:31: 57 Special episodes: essence, cost and specifics of filming 1:34:52 SBU and tax authorities really watch the issues of Tochka? 1:36:31 Brief instructions on how to launch a Youtube channel 1:39:29 Who Oleg wants to be in 10 years 1:41:06 Who is Lyokha and why he reads all comments 1:45:25 Competition _______ Links / mentions from the interview :■ Oleg’s Instagram ■ Oleg’s Telegram channel ■ Artyom’s Telegram channel ≣ Merch “Point G” ≣ Facebook (drawing of tickets at the conference) – Oleg’s FB – Artyom’s FB _______ Be sure to look at Point G: – A special project about the Netpeak Group ecosystem – I invest in an arbitration team – Business around Telegram Subscribe to the channel

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