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In this video, we will take a look at how best to build a strategy to lag behind the market, which at best will lead to a gradual loss of capital. As always, we will use statistical data and research results. You can support the channel on Patreon: For sponsors of the second level, I publish additional information (texts, statistics, interesting facts). For subscribers of the third level, I answer questions in Telegram. A one-time donation can be made by transferring to the card 5536 9138 0537 8086 Communication in Telegram: Thank you! Sources: How to increase the odds of owning the few stocks that drive returns: US equity net flows: Comparing the Returns of Russian and US Equities 1865 to 1917: Also recommend looking at: Luck or skill – How many shares to buy – When to buy shares: 00 : 00 Intro 00:38 It’s not easy to lose 00:56 Super-Conservative Instruments 01:26 Commissions 02:22 Selected Stocks 03:20 Rates and Portfolios 04:53 Selling at the Bottom 06:12 Insurance Products 06:41 All in One Country 07:16 Growth Stocks 07:28 Outcome # Stocks # stock market #investments

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