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Trading. The reverse side of success, part 1: Myths about trading: Telegram channel, diary of an Atypical trader: Vkontakte: For questions, you can also write to telegrams: Working as a trader means making money on the difference on the stock exchange, that is, speculation. At the moment, my earnings on the stock exchange have reached the level where I can confidently say that I live from the market. In this video, a novice trader will find useful tips on how to start making money on the exchange, how not to drain the deposit. If a novice trader wants to become a professional, he must revise his deals, learn new things, in order to become more productive on the stock exchange every day. Daily training = stable income in trading. Mistakes, losses should be taken as an opportunity to become more successful.Cooper Drive and Cscalp – programs for scalping by glass in the stock market and cryptocurrency. These programs help you see participants and quickly enter / exit trades. Trading in crisis: My path as a trader: Where did I get the money for trading: How to equip a trader’s workplace: # crypto scalping # scalping # crypto trading

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