OpexLens: Is it DANGEROUS to speculate?

? Million capital from scratch? Free online workshop ▶ Dangers of the financial market / Why are investing in stocks dangerous? – Hello everyone, Maxim Petrov is with you. Welcome to the MaxCapital channel! Speculation means high profits. This attracts many, but not everyone takes into account the risks, which we will talk about in our release. Watch the video to the end and find out why it is better to invest, not speculate. What do you think is better: speculate or invest? Write your opinion in the comments! Like and subscribe to our channel to become a successful investor! STRUCTURE 0:00 – Introduction 0:28 – Why is it dangerous to speculate? 1:14 – Three asset classes 2:28 – How to distinguish investment from speculation? 4:43 – Why is speculation dangerous? 5:50 am – You will always have a counterparty! 9:22 – Stage 11 speculators come to:08 – Two ways of a speculator 14:20 – What is speculation connected with? 15:55 – The stock market is a derivative of the economy 18:57 – Conclusion ✔ Subscribe to the channel? In contact with ? Instagram

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