OpexLens: Portfolio Rebalancing and Change / Investing in Stocks / Stock Market

It’s time to rebalance the portfolio. How to calculate correctly how many securities you need to buy, taking into account the new account replenishment? What if the goals have changed and the proportions of assets need to be changed? The task is simplified by my table: IMPORTANT: to use the table, click “File” – “Make a copy” and work in your copy. Edit only allowed ranges (cells with blue font). You can support the channel on Patreon: For sponsors of the second level, I publish additional information (texts, statistics, interesting facts). For subscribers of the third level, I answer questions in Telegram. A one-time donation can be made by transferring to the card 5536 9138 0537 8086 Communication in Telegram: Thank you! I also recommend looking at: Portfolio from ETFs on the Moscow Exchange – Selecting the share of bonds – Selecting the proportions of countries – 00:00 Entry 01:09 New asset allocation 01:54 Calculating target amounts 02:51 Bonds 03:46 Russian stocks 04:30 US stocks 05:26 Developed country stocks 06:25 Emerging market stocks 07:26 Using balance 08:15 Outcome # stocks # stock market #investments

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