OpexLens: No “green” economy will happen in the next 5 years

➛For more information about the fund, visit the website of the PARUS Asset Management management company: Shares of the fund with the main warehouse OZON are available to qualified investors under the ticker “PARUS-OZN” (RU000A1022Z1) We do not eat digital – we eat meat, use computers, sit on chairs , at the tables. This is real production. It requires energy that is taken from traditional sources. It is impossible to live on one digital economy. Mikhail Khanov, managing director of Algo Capital, is sure of this, who does not see anything wrong with the fact that Russia is “on an oil needle.” Finversia columnist Fyodor Chaika and managing director of “Algo Capital” Mikhail Khanov – in the genre “Baba Yaga is against!” … ➛9 December National payment forum. Registration by link – INFORMATION FOR OUR VIEWERS:? Upcoming live broadcasts of Finversia-TV:? Daily information of the financial market:? Investment club Finversia:? SERVICES, BOOKS, TRAINING: ➛Choose a personal consultant for money and investment management: ➛Services for investors and traders: ➛Finance books – our online store:? SUBSCRIBE TO Finversia: ➛ YouTube: ➛Yandex.Zen: ➛Telegram: #MikhailKhanov #interview #economics

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