OpexLens: “Where do IT people invest?” # 2: stock market, real estate, crypt.

From the second part of the special project, you will learn how entrepreneurs invest in the stock market, real estate, crypto and other assets. How to choose a broker, buy the right companies and ETFs. How to make money on real estate investments. Is it worth investing in cryptocurrencies. We also talked about accounting for personal finances and the basics of financial literacy. ______ RELEASE PARTNERS: ⇢ Clickdealer – international partner network ⇢ Capitalist – profitable online payments ⇢ Lemons – promo videos and motion-design ______ ≣ Part of the release for all sponsors ≣ Part, for sponsors of the “Traffic is …” level ≣ Sponsorship (it does not open in all regions. Sometimes you need to use a VPN) ≣ The first part about investments ≣ Additional information from Artem Borodatyuk ■ Oleg’s Instagram ■ Telegram channel ≣ Merch “Point G” _______ Timeline: 00:00 Start 01:35 Financial literacy 03:27 Financial accounting system of Margulan Seisembayev 08:26 Accounting for personal finances 11:19 Investments in real estate 14:15 “In real estate, it is very cheap to enter” – Eric Nyman 17:42 Artem Borodatyuk on the profitability of daily and long-term renting apartments 23:50 Experience of investing in commercial real estate 24:37 “I do not consider real estate as an investment” – Alexander Kosovan 25:49 How to make 40% per annum on real estate – an example from Dmitry Karpilovsky 29:12 Investing in cryptocurrencies 33:20 Is it possible to make money on cryptocurrency mining – the experience of Max Slobodyanyuk 35:02 Percentage of annual profitability that suits 37:16 Stock market: how to find a broker? 40:58 “ETF is a simple start on the stock exchange” – Artem Borodatyuk 46:56 Which stocks should not be bought – Eric Nyman’s advice 52:28 “For me, the stock market is a subspecies of a gambling game” – Sergei Portnov 53:50 Dmitry Bondar on investing in stocks 57:07 The strategy of investing in the stock market by Maxim Tereshchenko 1:04:00 Threshold for entering the stock market 1:07:00 What is an investor’s risk profile and what does it affect? 1:09:21 The future of the stock market – the opinion of Lyubomir Ostapiv 1:11:54 “The stock market is a steam locomotive that goes to the cliff” Dmarket items. FB Vlada – Eric Nyman – trader, investor, co-founder of the HUG’S project. Erica’s Telegram channel – Artem Borodatyuk is the founder of the Netpeak Group of IT companies. FB Artem – Margulan Seisembayev – founder of the educational platform, investor, traveler, public figure.Instagram Margulan – Maxim Tereshchenko – product manager, investor. FB Maxima – Sergey Goncharevich – founder and managing partner of Capital Times. Sergey’s FB – Lyubomir Ostapiv – financier, investor, iPlan partner and founder of the Family Budget project. Lyubomir’s YouTube channel – Dmitry Bondar – co-founder of BOOSTA. Dmitry’s FB – Mikhail Svinarev – solo arbitrage specialist, co-owner of a private forum for affiliates – Defo. FB Mikhaila – Alexander Kosovan – founder of MacPaw company. FB Alexandra – Dmitry Karpilovsky – founder of the UkrInvest Club company. Dmitry’s FB – Vladimir Sakharov – co-founder and CEO of the SalesDoubler partner network and a partner in the TrafficSquad arbitration team. FB Vladimir – Mikhail Rogalsky – co-founder of mobile banks Monobank, Koto and the sports club Smartass.Mikhail’s YouTube channel – Max Slobodyanyuk is the founder of Nika Tech Family. Maxim’s YouTube channel – Sergey Portnov – co-owner and chairman of the board of Parimatch. FB Sergey Be sure to look at Point G: – Release with Vlad Panchenk – Release with Dmitry Bondarev – Release with Alexander Kosovan Subscribe to the channel

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