OpexLens: The Crisis Has Already Begun – You Just Don’t Know About It |

? Take advantage of the discount now: – 25% for 8 lessons will apply immediately! In the world markets, ambiguous events are taking place. Recently, quotes have corrected against the background of the threat of a new strain of coronavirus, but investors continue to be optimistic about the future and buy literally everything that is on sale. Many analysts such as Michael Burry, Katy Wood and others are warning us that the market may already be in crisis. And the trigger is not new lockdowns – but a more serious threat coming from the east! WE ARE ON THE TELEGRAM: Compound Interest: (Subscribe!)tinkoff investments, investing, the us stock market, dividends, bonds, dollar rate, ruble, where to invest, investments 2021, investor, oil, investment portfolio, investments for beginners, FRS, stock exchange, money, broker, economics, personal finance, investments, investments in us stocks, crisis of 2021, etf, world economy, crisis of 2020, what to do in crisis, economic crisis of 2021, global crisis, crisis of 2008, when there will be a default, when there will be devaluation, stock exchange, forecast of the crisis, life on dividends, financial crisis 2021, dollar ruble, income, ray dalio, economic collapse, crisis in the usa, crash, stock market will fall when stocks, debts, china, capital, multiply, economist, collapse of markets, currency, cdo, investments 2021, world economic crisis , stock market crash, 2021 crisis, us crisis, stock fall, s & p 500, stock buffet,inflation in the united states

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