OpexLens: Kiyosaki is FAKE!

Business tariffs of the new generation “Drive!” from MegaFon Connect and adjust the settings for personal needs. Why will the rich get richer and the poor only get poorer? What secrets does Robert Kiyosaki reveal in his new book “Fake”? A summary of the book “Fake” by Robert Kiyosaki and my thoughts on this book, in a new video of the book section. & t = 4s – Rich Poor Dad Book Review – How did the dollar become the world’s currency? Telegram channel: Instagram: Navigation through the issue: 00:43 – A little about the book 02:35 – MegaFon integration 03:45 – How are the majority deceived? 09:29 – Useful tips from the book “Fake” 12:23 – Summary Good management Commercial proposals ramy @ # Robert Kiyosaki # FakeKiyosaki # Rich Poor Dad

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