OpexLens: How to Create a Financial Airbag?

? Million capital from scratch? Free online workshop? Calculate the financial security of a family? utm_source = mc_vlzh_yt & utm_medium = video_Vsp_fb & utm_content = v39_23_09? Year-round investment portfolio Hello everyone, this is Maxim Petrov Welcome to the MaxCapital channel! How often do you think about creating a financial safety cushion? And if you do have it, how correct is it? Let’s figure it out! Today our life can be called unpredictable – everything is fixated on finances. You never know what tomorrow will turn out to be, so it’s important to be prepared. People resorting to the creation of financial protection are divided into 2 categories: those who save up to further increase capital and those who focus exclusively on protection for confidence in the future.Which of these is the more correct solution? The answer is in this video. Today we will figure out what the levels of financial protection are. We will find out what financial protection and financial security are. How do you form a financial safety cushion? And do you form at all? Share it in the comments! Like and subscribe to the channel to gain financial literacy. STRUCTURE 0:00 – Introduction 2:24 – What is the purpose of a financial airbag? 5:27 – How to ensure a basic level of financial security? 7:00 – How to divide the level of financial security? 8:46 – What is the difference between financial security and endowment life insurance? 10:00 – Levels of financial protection 11:00 – What is the essence of safety stock? 12:36 – What are mandatory payments? 16:02 – What categories are people divided into,creating financial safety cushions? 18:02 – What is financial protection? 21:10 – What does financial security include? 22:41 – What is personal financial protection? 22:35 – What is an insurance annuity? 25:45 – What is financial protection for the whole family? 31:18 – Conclusion ✔ Subscribe to the channel? In contact with ? Instagram.

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