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✦ Free online financial literacy forum. Register by clicking the link Victor Makeev Investment Academy Victor Makeev Trading School 00:00 Greetings. Topic of this broadcast 02:00 How to systematize your trading 06:30 Analysis of situations 06:55 USDCAD 09:20 AUDUSD 11:00 USDNOK 14:00 USDCAD 15:13 EURGBP 19:00 USDRUB 19:50 Answers to questions from the chat: -what use orders -relation to different timeframes 21:30 Continue parsing on USDRUB 22:25 EURGBP 23:00 EURUSD 26:05 USDCAD – the fastest deal of the year 28:50 USDJPY – why I canceled the order 29:45 AUDUSD 32:50 XAUUSD 34: 20 EURUSD 38:10 USDRUB, XAUUSD, NZDUSD 39:50 About the consistency and logic of transactions. Gold situation 42:00 USDCHF 42:30 EURUSD 43:10 USDJPY 44:40 WTI 49:20 Answers to questions from the chat:- how many days a week do you trade in Forex and how many transactions do you make per week on average? -Is it correct that you need to trade according to the charts of the session in which you are trading? -What timeframe on the charts do you analyze? Why don’t you consider the history of the instrument? There you can also see and possibly assume the magnitude of the movement Gerchik & Co – a broker company created by traders for traders. We are confident that it is possible and necessary to earn money in the Forex market, and we are ready to teach this. Watch our channel, learn how to trade. Profit and good luck to the one who leaves the like? and comment?. ✦ Subscribe to new and relevant videos on the channel ✦ Free course for a beginner trader USEFUL INFORMATION:✦ THE MOST COMPLETE TRAINING COURSE “RELOADED FROM GERCHIK” ✦ Try your hand at a demo account ✦ Control your risks using the program “Risk Manager” ✦ Become a partner of Gerchik & Co JOIN US ON SOCIAL NETWORKS: channel ✦Info & Co Telegram ✦Linkidin – ✦Facebook ✦Instagram ________________________________________ ♦ ️ Our partners and friends: Cartel Traders Club ➤ ♦ ️ Teach or learn how to trade in Cartel Market ➤ ♦ ️ Gerchik & Co reviews: # gerсhikco # trading # aleksandrgerchik # forex finance # trader #investments #working as a trader #experiencedtrader #forexbroker #moneyforexCartel traders clubCartel traders club

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