OpexLens: What to do with money in 2022?

From the interview, you will learn what the supercycle is in the global economy and what influences it. Signs of the beginning of the global crisis and how to make money on it. When is the best time to buy / sell your assets. Real inflation. As well as Mikhail’s opinion on cryptocurrency, robotization, sharing economy and accumulation of money. ______ ISSUE PARTNERS: ⇢ Alpha Affiliates – a direct advertiser to Western GEOs ⇢ Leadbit – an international partner network ⇢ Capitalist – profitable internet payments ______ Mikhail Kukhar – a teacher of macroeconomics at the MIM-Kiev business school, managing partner of Ukraine Economic Outlook. ≣ Free subscription to the Weekly Economic Monitor ≣ Part of the issue for all sponsors ≣ Part, for sponsors of the “Traffic is …” level ≣ Sponsorship (UPD: not available in all regions. If there is no information on the link, you need to use a VPN) _______ Timeline: 00:00 Start 01:25 “The crisis of 2020 is long gone” 02:37 The main rule of preparing for the crisis 04:08 Dollar inflation in Ukraine and the United States – what’s the difference? 06:25 Signs that the economy is emerging from the crisis 08:26 How much should you earn in order not to lose money on inflation? 08:50 Why are prices going up? Adam Smith’s Theory of Unrighteous Wealth 14:48 What will the dollar rate be in 2022? 14:56 What is the difference between the crises of 2008 and 2020 17:36 “We do not know where to go from the money” 19:35 The duration of the economic cycle and how it changes over time 21:02 How does the anti-crisis policy of states differ in 2008 and 2020 26:59 How to understand that everything in the economy is heading for a crisis 33:25 “IT specialists are the locomotive of the Ukrainian economy” 34:30 What can bring down the supercycle 38:10 How to make money on the economic downturn 40:32 How will robotization affect the labor market 43:44 Mikhail’s opinion about cryptocurrency 45:44 Why national banks of countries oppose cryptocurrencies 49:34 How to recognize the end of the economic growth cycle 50:48 “The crisis must be met in the cache” 52:35 “Bubble” in the market of IT companies 54:21 What percentage of the annual profitability suits Mikhail 54:30 “I am against savings” 55:25 About using the services of consultants 56:28 Should you teach your child financial literacy 58:01 The future of the sharing economy 59:03 Who is cooler: an entrepreneur or a politician? 59:35 Blitz _______ Links / mentions from the interview: ■ Oleg’s Instagram ■ Telegram channel ≣ Merch “Point G” ≣ Facebook (raffle tickets at the conference) – Mikhail’s FB – Oleg’s FB – Ukraine Economic Outlook – Mikhail’s Telegram channel – YouTube- channel _______ Be sure to look at Point G:- Investment strategy of Margulan Seisembay – Where do IT specialists invest? – Secret Crypto Millionaires Subscribe to the channel

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